Fiction: Demeter Puts Bratty Minthe in Her Place

Minthe made the mistake of bad-mouthing Persephone. Now Mama Demeter is gonna crush her like a weed. One orgasm at a time.

Mythology Monday: Work

The Greek Gods of Work: find out who watches over which kinds of tasks.

Illustrated Fiction: Growing Wood (Demeter / Dryad)

Hello my dear demigoddesses and demigods, after the break in

Illustrated Fiction: Down to Earth (Demeter/Farm Boy)

The illustrated version of brave farm boy Mikkos stepping up to rail a dry and cranky Demeter with original art created by Sinita.

Fiction: Down to Earth (Demeter/Farm Boy)

Demeter gets dry and cranky during the winter but a brave farm boy steps up and gives the unhappy goddess a shag to remember.