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Kinktober 2022

I don't know if I will manage all 31 Kinktober prompts but I want to try for a shortie every day.

Fiction: The Locks of Phoibos (Admetos / Apollon)

Is the new shepherd in his service really a god among mortals as the rural folk claims? King Admetos isn't sure. But he IS sure he wants him...

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FlashFill Friday: Persephone dominates Hades

Persephone makes the King of the Underworld her little bitch!

Fiction: Freyja and Sif

Sif is sitting all alone at her loom, a snow storm raging outside, when a lucky gale blows Freyja to her doorstep.

FlashFill Friday: Herakles and the Cyprian Centaur

Can mighty Herakles take on a centaur?

Flashfill Friday: Medusa's Revenge

I'm not doing any Friday flash fills at the moment

Flashfill Friday: Chased by the Satyr

Flashfill Friday is a new thing I want to try

Fiction: Hermes loves Dionysos

Dionysos was a skilful kisser. He even tasted good, of sweet nectar, wild herbs and heavy wine. It was an utterly addictive savour. Dionysos was very gentle, but it was clear as day how much he wanted this, lips on lips, tongue against tongue...