Fiction: Undersexed (M/F)

Fiction: Undersexed (M/F)
Image by Uwe Kern from Pixabay

I was commissioned to write this fun little piece:

A woman named Rachel hasn't had sex for weeks and is alone in bed in very little clothing when an intruder arrives. Sensing an opportunity to get her rocks off she lets him take her in ways she hasn't been before. No anal.

The commission was only for 500 words, so in my opinion it's lacking in the "taken in ways she hasn't been before" but I really like this story prompt and I had fun writing it.


Rachel lay in bed, wide awake. She couldn't sleep. Gotta need the vibrator. Again. It had been weeks since she last had sex and it was making her restless. She rolled out of bed, dropping her sleeping shorts to to the ground. When she picked up the vibe, she startled. Did she just hear a sound from the living room? Her heart rate went up. Was there… somebody here? She dropped the vibrator and tip-toed towards the living room. Her jaw dropped. Unplugging her plasma TV was the most graceful guy she had ever seen. She couldn't see much in the dark but he moved swiftly, without making a sound. What a naughty boy, trying to steal her stuff! But Rachel had an idea how he could make it up to her. She coughed. The burglar spun around.

She switched on the light. Now that she could see him properly, she was stunned by how handsome he was. The black t-shirt he wore showed his muscular arms and tight trousers let her see the curve of his arse and the bulge in the front.

“Please…,” he said, “Please don't call the police. I'm leaving.”

“No,” said Rachel, “You're not.” She came up to him with measured steps. She wouldn't let this opportunity slip out of the door! The thought of this scoundrel taking her made her wetter than all of this year's hook-ups combined! “You are going to pay me back for breaking in here!” Her hands rubbed his sex through the fabric of his trousers. “Undress.” she said.

He obeyed.

“If you can satisfy me, I won't call the police.” Rachel promised. “Maybe I'll even let you take my telly.”

He gave her a cocky grin and bent her over her own couch. Rachel felt the wet tip of his cock against her bum before he pushed inside her. She was so ready that there was no pain and no resistance, even though he filled her completely. Rachel moaned when he started to thrust and he gave her bum a slap as if she were a pony. He got rid of her night shirt and his large hands grabbed her breasts roughly, making her cry out in pleasure and pain.

“Come on, moan for me, bitch!” he whispered and she did. This man made her feel like a cheap little whore and she loved every second of it! His thrusts were strong and feral and the warm thickness of his cock was more satisfying than any vibrator. She heard a groan from him behind. Should she tell him to pull out before he came? The thought of letting a stranger cum inside her was enough to send her over the edge. A shuddering orgasm rocked her body and his forceful thrusts ensured the second climax and the third. Lost in pleasure, she heard a heavy groan from him and the pumping of his cock told her it was too late to pull out – his cum shot into her cunt, making her come a forth time.

As he got dressed, she watched him from her couch.

“You know,” she said, “I also have a very expensive tablet. Maybe you'd like to come and get it tomorrow?”


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