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Fiction: Undersexed (M/F)

Rachel hasn't had sex for weeks. When an intruder arrives, she makes him take her to finally get her rocks off.

Why Mastodon is our Best Chance as Adult Content Creators

A lesson from Tumblr, Patreon, and OnlyFans: you WILL be kicked to the curb if you create adult content. It's only a matter of time. But how is Mastodon different?

Fiction: Seduced by the Cougar Upstairs

20-something Shane is obsessed with the older woman in the flat above him. When she breaks up with her partner, he helps in more ways than one...

Fiction: Punished by Daddy (M/F)

Daddy notices his teenage daughter's blouse is getting too small as her budding nips are showing through. He decides to "punish" her for not wearing a bra...

Safe Menstrual Cycle Tracking Apps

Don't store the very personal data collected in period tracking and fertility apps on someone else's computer, aka "the cloud".

Interview: Tigress of Futan

I spoke to April Garrus about the series Tigress of Futan and you will find a hot preview below the interview!

FlashFill Friday: Marina, her Husband, and his Best Friend

Marina is proposing a threesome to her husband and he knows just the guy...

FlashFill Friday: Undersexed (M/F)

A woman named Rachel hasn't had sex for weeks and is alone in bed in very flimsy clothing when an intruder arrives. Sensing an opportunity to get her rocks off she lets him take her in ways she never had before.