Fiction: Team Building Activity

Bisexual erotica featuring the messenger gods Iris, Hermes, and Triton.

Fiction: Reunion (Hermes/Perseus)

This short is a welcome gift to my new patrons who came from my Twitter thread about Hermes and writing in ancient Greece.

Illustrated Fiction: Down Where It's Wetter (Amphitrite / Hera)

Amphitrite and Hera complain to each other about their husbands and things get heated...

WIP: Aphrodite / Freyja

Inspired by Linda's comment about the tie in our last fiction poll, Freyja and Aphrodite meet in a temple beyond the Alps...

Fiction: Seiðr's Block (Freyja / Völva)

Can Freyja help her devotee, the völva Heidi, to unblock her gift of prophecy?

Fiction: Undersexed (M/F)

Rachel hasn't had sex for weeks. When an intruder arrives, she makes him take her to finally get her rocks off.

Fiction: Release (Ares / Thanatos)

Sisyphos bound Thanatos (Death) fast, so that men ceased to die, until Ares came to the rescue.

Fiction: Seduced by the Cougar Upstairs

20-something Shane is obsessed with the older woman in the flat above him. When she breaks up with her partner, he helps in more ways than one...

FanFiction: Fruits of Love (Ares / Aphrodite, Hades Game)

Ares and Aphrodite have a hot little tryst while their kids are out of the house.

Fiction: Punished by Daddy (M/F)

Daddy notices his teenage daughter's blouse is getting too small as her budding nips are showing through. He decides to "punish" her for not wearing a bra...