Kinktober 2022

I don't know if I will manage all 31 Kinktober prompts but I want to try for a shortie every day.

Fiction: The Locks of Phoibos (Admetos / Apollon)

Is the new shepherd in his service really a god among mortals as the rural folk claims? King Admetos isn't sure. But he IS sure he wants him...

Review: Fifty Shades of Green: The Judgment of Eric by Andrew Peters

Eric finds himself in the middle of a contest between Apollon and Dionysos - a contest to find out who of the two gods is the better lover... Does the story deliver on that promise?

FlashFill Friday: Persephone dominates Hades

Persephone makes the King of the Underworld her little bitch!

Artist Spotlight: Greek Mythology FanFiction – Dionysos

Today, I want to share my favourite Dionysos fanfiction with you. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of wine and make a toast to the God of Wine and Pleasure!

Fiction: Freyja and Sif

Sif is sitting all alone at her loom, a snow storm raging outside, when a lucky gale blows Freyja to her doorstep.

Preview: Aphrodite's Boy Toy – Ares

"Aphrodite's Boy Toy" has just been released! Read a preview here!

FlashFill Friday: Herakles and the Cyprian Centaur

Can mighty Herakles take on a centaur?

Flashfill Friday: Medusa's Revenge

I'm not doing any Friday flash fills at the moment

Flashfill Friday: Chased by the Satyr

Flashfill Friday is a new thing I want to try