New Release: Taken by the Greek Gods – Aphrodite's Boy Toy

New Release: Taken by the Greek Gods – Aphrodite's Boy Toy

Dear beautiful Reader,

I'm happy to announce that Taken by Greek Gods: Aphrodite's Boy Toy is now available for Kindle on Amazon and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited!

The story is about Aphrodite training the young god Dionysos in the art of love. After she finds him drunk outside her palace, she takes him in and starts a love affair with the newly deified god of wine.

Her longtime consort Ares is not pleased...

If you love Greek mythology and enjoy reading about a dominant woman who knows exactly what she wants, consensual sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, toe licking, anal fingering, spanking, and don't mind (or appreciate) that it contains one chapter of non-con, this is the book for you!

"This story was relentless and breath shallowing. It was hot.
From a more personal preference the part of the story that I enjoyed the most was the Ares portion. There were parts of that storyline where the sentence the author chose rifled right through me. You know how it can be when something just pierces and I really liked what she did there. I don't tend towards the submissive myself so it was interesting to read the Dionysus parts of the story. Aimée writes the other side of metaphorical pillow well and I know that those men who do tend towards the submissive and any women who enjoy being dominant will really love what she did there.
In other words,... what an amazing story she wrote."

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You can read another preview here, featuring Aphrodite and her longtime lover Ares.

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Aimée Maroux

P.S.: Taken by Greek Gods: Aphrodite's Boy Toy is the sixth part of the series "Taken by Greek Gods": check out the other parts of the series!

Her servants take care of the young god, undress him, and bring him to bed. Aphrodite commands them to give him a bedroom upstairs, close to her own chambers. She wants to make sure he is well. When her maids are gone, Aphrodite takes the time to look at the newest addition to the pantheon more closely. She observes his naked torso that is moving calmly with every breath he draws. His skin is very fair, shielded from the rays of the sun, and his rich, wavy hair is long and unshorn, as befitting his assumed age. He has long, dark lashes, and a rosy hue to his cheeks, giving him a young, feminine complexion. His full lips are equally reddened – not just with the juice of grapes – and they look very soft and inviting. Aphrodite takes a few steps towards the bed. Her guest lies on his back and she lifts the sheet her maids have used to cover him, tossing it aside to get a better view. His body is delicate and supple, emanating an alluring sensuality. Aphrodite runs a hand over his relaxed shape, his dainty limbs, the soft, smooth skin. He is almost curvaceous, like a young girl growing into a woman.

“You need to take better care of yourself, little wine god, or you will grow plump.”

He has acquired a half-mast erection in his sleep, as male members are wont to do. She wraps her hand around the shaft and gently rubs him to find out his full size. He is of average length and pleasing to the eye. But what really excites Aphrodite is the girth. Almost a palaiste (7.7 cm / 3'') of thick, fat glory. The goddess of love is intrigued. So intrigued she climbs on top of the young god and lowers herself onto his stiffened manhood. The way he stretches and fills her feels just as satisfying as she has anticipated. He stirs in his intoxicated slumber, but he does not wake. Aphrodite slowly begins to move, taking him deeper and deeper into her, riding his impressive cock with strong, determined motions. He sighs, his mouth opens and his breath is getting a little heavier. Aphrodite wonders if he is so drunk, he won’t be waking up at all, but that is highly unlikely. The pleasure gets too intense when you couple with the goddess of love.

Aphrodite doesn’t give it another thought and gets lost in the act, savouring the feeling and sensing every inch, every ridge, every vein of his amazing phallus. Her cunt is nice and slippery and she delights in the subtle sucking noise of her love-making.

Suddenly, a pair of dark eyes watches her grinding down on this cock. For a moment, both of them just stare at each other in silence. Aphrodite leans towards him, placing a gentle finger on his soft lips before offering her own. He responds to her eagerly, kissing her with an intensity as if untouched for centuries. She likes his vigour and the taste of sweet wine and herbs he brings into her mouth. He bucks his loins, pushing deep into her and Aphrodite gives a content sigh. He embraces her and she feels like she is getting lost in the sensuality of his mouth and in the pleasure of his love-making.

She feels him approach completion and whispers the words that stall emission. She is not ready. He looks at her, confused, but relieved. Aphrodite enjoys his cock until she has been shaken by several intense orgasms before she loosens the enchantment. It only takes a heart beat for him to spill. Aphrodite dismounts, watching his seed run down his length and her own milky thighs.

“Look at all this come!” she exclaims, “Would you be a good boy and clean it up?”

The young god nods and slowly gets up to the cleft between her thighs, his dark red tongue darting out and lapping up his seed mingled with her juices. He is so cute! Aphrodite strokes his silky hair, his warm cheeks wet with sweat, and revels in the soft, tingling licks. He will be good for more than just his cock.

When he has drunken most of his own come and she doesn’t feel any more leaking out, she gently pushes away his head.

“Welcome to my palace. You must be Dionysos.”

Taken by Greek Gods: Aphrodite's Boy Toy