Interview: Tigress of Futan

I spoke to April Garrus about the series Tigress of Futan and you will find a hot preview below the interview!

Review: Hermes and Perseus by David Molina

The story starts with Perseus a few years after his adventures when he has become king. He is married to Andromeda but when he runs into Hermes, who helped him on his quest to slay Medusa, he becomes aware there may be more than gratitude he feels for his half-brother. A convoluted scheme follows.

New Release: Taken by the Greek Gods – Zeus Does Kallisto

New release: Zeus disguises himself as his daughter Artemis to fuck her girlfriend Kallisto.

New Release: Taken by the Greek Gods – Apollon and Dionysos: Opposites Attract

Golden-haired, orderly and temperate Apollon thinks he doesn't have much in common with his dark-tressed, chaotic and overindulgent half-brother. But there is also a growing attraction...

Review: Fifty Shades of Green: The Judgment of Eric by Andrew Peters

Eric finds himself in the middle of a contest between Apollon and Dionysos - a contest to find out who of the two gods is the better lover... Does the story deliver on that promise?

New Release: Taken by the Greek Gods – Aphrodite's Boy Toy

Dear beautiful Reader, I'm happy to announce that Taken by

Preview: Aphrodite's Boy Toy – Ares

"Aphrodite's Boy Toy" has just been released! Read a preview here!

Review: "Apollo – Claimed by the Sungod" by Rachel Kinsley

When I decided I wanted to write mythology erotica, I

New Release: Taken by Greek Gods - Odysseus fattens Kalypso

When Hermes promises him a calm and peaceful sea, Odysseus sees his only chance to get off Kalypso's island. The nymph has no intenion of letting him leave, so Odysseus hatches a plan to feed and fatten Kalypso until she will be too fat to stop him...

New Release: Taken by Greek Gods - Hermes loves Dionysos

Would you love to read about two Greek gods getting it on with one another? Asgard may be cold, but Hermes and Dionysos get pretty hot in this erotic fantasy...