New Release: Taken by the Greek Gods – Apollon and Dionysos: Opposites Attract

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Dear beautiful Reader,

I'm happy to announce that Taken by Greek Gods: Apollon and Dionysos - Opposites Attract is now available on Amazon!

The story is about Apollon meeting his younger half-brother Dionysos to hand over the Oracle of Delphi for the winter months he spends away from his favourite city.

Golden-haired, orderly and temperate Apollon thinks he doesn't have much in common with his dark-tressed, chaotic and overindulgent half-brother. Being polar opposites, frustration between the two gods is inevitable. But there is also a growing attraction...

Will they be able to overcome their differences and find they can complement each other?

If you love Greek mythology and enjoy reading about two hot, male gods with opposing personalities, a sexy Muse giving her patron god a titty fuck, and a sweet servant boy caught up in the middle of it all, this is the book for you!

Readers say:

"I read a lot of MM erotica, and Maroux does a terrific job of creating fully-fleshed, complex characters who exist in conflict, even as they spend most of the book wanting to bone each other's brains out. She takes the sketches of Apollon and Dionysos that we may already be familiar with and fills them in believably, accentuating their characters, highlighting their differences, placing them in close quarters, then letting the tension build. The result is a handful of very hot sex scenes (that include, from time to time, a very sweet servant boy and the muse of astronomy) set inside a real story with a real arc and real stakes, told with some terrific dialogue."
TBwrites on - read the full review here!
"The story itself is in a word: terrific. The sex is well-written, and decidedly tasteful. As a reader, it is quite evident how much time and effort was put into writing this piece. But what makes Opposites Attract exceptional is its plot, character building, and development. Apollo initially comes across as a chauvinistic jerk, which is to be expected. He’s literally (and I’m using the proper version of “literally” here) a god, and the god of a ton of things. Khaleesi can’t hold a candle to how many titles Apollo has. Dionysus, perhaps due to his upbringing as a mortal or possibly his love of debauchery and revelry in general, is much more sex-positive and sexually generous. By the end of the story, he seems to have made an impression on Apollo. Being an immortal god makes it hard to change your character too much, but it seems that through the lessons of Dionysus, it seems that Apollo is beginning to see the light. And on that pun, I take my leave."
Nelson Rockingham on - read the full review here!

"I just LOVE Dionysus so much."

"Two thumbs up. Or, in Amazon vernacular, 5 stars."

"Your knowledge of the gods and Greek mythology looks practically flawless, and I think the attention to detail and realism as far as that is fantastic. It's very clear you aren't just writing porn and throwing in some Greek names; you know all the ins and outs (if you'll pardon the pun), and aren't afraid to use them. It adds a lot of flavor and style to it, and makes it very easy to visualize the descriptions of what's going on. I never once imagined either of them as anything but their respective selves, and never was tempted to forget that this was Ancient Greece as opposed to some generic 'porn in the past'. That and the characterization that you captured definitely added to the enjoyment of reading."

"I love the footnotes!"

Get your copy today!


Aimée Maroux

P.S.: Taken by Greek Gods: Apollon and Dionysos is the seventh part of the series "Taken by Greek Gods": check out the other parts of the series!

Dionysos was late for dinner, as Apollon had expected him to be. He came in already tipsy, a crown of ivy on his heavily perfumed hair and a short, gold-rimmed chiton on his body. He held an empty kantharos cup in his hands and approached Apollon who lay on his klinē, a few exquisite bowls of ambrosia in front of him.

“I’m sorry!” Dionysos exclaimed and pressed a kiss on his half-brother’s lips. “I shouldn’t be late!”

“You also shouldn’t be drunk.” Apollon said reproachfully.

“Ah, that’s nothing, Apollon. I’m practically sober.”

Apollon reluctantly watched the drunkard climb the klinē. They were quite close all of a sudden, the wine god’s soft lips and reddened cheeks within finger’s breadth. Dionysos stroked Apollon’s blond hair, a dreamy expression on his face.

“I wish I had hair like yours. It’s so bright and pure and it shines like the sun!”

“Of course you do.”

Apollon shook his head. It was obvious mortals and gods alike envied him for his hair. Few of the gods and fewer mortals had golden locks and none of them were as brilliantly dazzling as that of the sun god himself. His hair was simply magnificent.

“And your eyes!” Dionysos continued to stroke his hair, slowly edging closer. “They are as blue as the sky on a cloudless summer’s day, as deep as the sea, as clear as a polished sapphire stone. I’ll never get tired of looking into them.” Apollon smiled at those pretty words. Dionysos could be quite the poet if he put his mind to it. It was never beyond the quality of a rough draft, because he never took the time to plan and write it down, but Apollon appreciated the effort. “And your body…” Dionysos’ gaze wandered over his uncovered torso and briefly lingered on his loins that were draped with a bright white himation. Was there lust in those dark eyes or was he just admiring his perfect shape? Dionysos touched his chest with a tentative hand. “Your muscles are so clearly defined. They look as if they were sculpted with a chisel.” His fingers stroked the firm flesh of his broad pectoral muscles and traced every single ridge of his toned belly.

“They were not. I exercise every day.”

“I know that.” The wine god’s breath blew warm against his ear “You are so beautiful…”

His lips found Apollon’s and the god of light felt his divine aura flare as the tongue of the wine god tenderly slid into his open mouth. Dionysos tasted predominantly of the wine he no doubt consumed earlier at the temple, despite his claim he wouldn’t drink. But there was something else, a sweetness that enticed him. Dionysos seemed quite determined, attempting to crawl on his lap, his warm hands caressing Apollon’s strong, muscular back. His tongue was licking and sucking Apollon’s own and the latter felt a bout of anxiety at the powerful stirring of lust in his loins. The younger god’s soft, teasing hands, the skilful tongue in his mouth, the overwhelming perfume, all of it clouded his otherwise perspicacious intellect.

Taken by Greek Gods: Apollo and Dionysos - Opposites Attract