Fiction: Reunion (Hermes/Perseus)

This short is a welcome gift to my new patrons who came from my Twitter thread about Hermes and writing in ancient Greece.

Fiction: Release (Ares / Thanatos)

Sisyphos bound Thanatos (Death) fast, so that men ceased to die, until Ares came to the rescue.

Illustrated Fiction: Surf 'n' Turf (Triton x Hermes)

Hermes and his cousin Triton meet to share gossip and orgasms.

Fiction: Hermes and Apollon ‒ The Invention of Wrestling (M/M)

Hermes invents the sport of wrestling to hit on Apollon.

Fiction: Zeus/Ganymedes (M/M)

Ganymedes, prince of Phrygia, the dear delight of Zeus' bed.

Kinktober 2022

I don't know if I will manage all 31 Kinktober prompts but I want to try for a shortie every day.

Fiction: The Locks of Phoibos (Admetos / Apollon)

Is the new shepherd in his service really a god among mortals as the rural folk claims? King Admetos isn't sure. But he IS sure he wants him...

Fiction: In the Heat After Battle (Ares / Alektryon)

Adorable simp Alektryon is living the dream and winning the subject of his admiration and affection: the bloody God of War.

Fiction: Poseidon / Nerites

After Aphrodite left for Olympos, can Poseidon cheer up a heart-broken Nerites?

Review: Hermes and Perseus by David Molina

The story starts with Perseus a few years after his adventures when he has become king. He is married to Andromeda but when he runs into Hermes, who helped him on his quest to slay Medusa, he becomes aware there may be more than gratitude he feels for his half-brother. A convoluted scheme follows.