Fiction: Release (Ares / Thanatos)

Fiction: Release (Ares / Thanatos)
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Hello my lovelies,

I am terribly sorry but due to a cold that knocked me out creatively for about 2 weeks it's unlikely I will finish February's fiction in time 😔

I will still finish Helios/Nerites but I'll probably end up posting it in early March, so please have this little Ares / Thanatos short that I meant to post in March as a surprise. I know at the very least one reader will be happy about his reappearance 😘


Sisyphos bound Thanatos (Death) fast, so that men ceased to die, until Ares came to the rescue, released Thanatos, and gave Sisyphos into his power.
(Pherecydes' discussion of the plot of Sisyphus the Runaway by Aischylos)

Ares threw open the door to King Sisyphos' bedchamber and indeed, there he was, Death himself, bound in harsh bonds.