Illustrated Fiction: Surf 'n' Turf (Triton x Hermes)

Illustrated Fiction: Surf 'n' Turf (Triton x Hermes)

My dear demigoddesses and demigods,

please enjoy this light-hearted story of Hermes and Triton hooking up. The Hermaphroditos story became so long that it will be this year's Pride Month story so I apologise that the next poll will be for August, as I plan to take a break (and pause billing) in July.
I haven't forgotten about Ares and Aphrodite either, I just prioritised Hermes and Triton as I still had hopes to finish during MerMay.

This month's illustration was created by Rocoky. Triton's design is based on Arja's design of Amphitrite and Sinita's design of Nerites, Triton's mother and uncle. Sorry, Poseidon 😅
And Rocoky made Hermes ripped! 😳
If you love this illustration and the others she has created for me, you can commission her here, commissions are open!


Alkibiades of Athens: an Athenian aristocrat and general who is famous for his wealth but also for switching allegiances several times, defecting from Athens to Sparta to Persia and back to Athens.

chiton: an ancient Greek piece of clothing akin to the Roman tunic.

eromenoi: plural of eromenos, the younger partner in the ancient Greek homoerotic relationship model. He would be pursued and courted by an older, adult lover.

Fry: a juvenile fish that is able to move about and forage for food

Nereids: nymphs of the sea, daughters of Okeanos and Tethys.

Pontos: primordial god of the sea. Like Thalassa he is the sea itself, not merely its resident deity. He was born from Gaia at the dawn of creation.

Rivers: Potamoi, sons of Okeanos and Tethys

Serika: China

Symposion: an ancient Greek drinking party, usually all male except for female performers like acrobats, dancers or musicians.

Titans: the gods who ruled before Zeus and his siblings overthrew their father. Think of the titans as a generation, like boomers, not something different from a god.