Illustrated Fiction

Illustrated Fiction: Down Where It's Wetter (Amphitrite / Hera)

Amphitrite and Hera complain to each other about their husbands and things get heated...

Illustrated Fiction: Seiðr's Block (Freyja / Völva)

The völva Heiði has trouble looking into the future. Praying to Freyja for help, she never expected such a hands-on approach by the Mistress of Magic...

Illustrated Fiction: Prelude to a Kiss (Ares / Aphrodite)

What happens when Ares and Aphrodite accidentally swap bodies?

Illustrated Fiction: Horny for the Bride (Hebe / Psyche)

Last year's runner-up for Pride Month, Hebe and Psyche: the Goddess of Youth seduces the young bride!

Illustrated Fiction: Surf 'n' Turf (Triton x Hermes)

Hermes and his cousin Triton meet to share gossip and orgasms.

Illustrated Fiction: A Kind Of Magic (Hera x Ganymedes)

"It's an artificial phallus. One that can be strapped to a woman's pelvis. And I'm going to use it on you."

Illustrated Fiction: The L in Valkyrie (F/F)

The Valkyrie Hrist has chosen a battle-hardened shield-maiden for Vahalla. And she is head over heels...

WIP Draft: The Contest

Take a peek at my WIP draft file and see a snapshot of my writing process.

Illustrated Fiction: Growing Wood (Demeter / Dryad)

Hello my dear demigoddesses and demigods, after the break in

Illustrated Fiction: Down to Earth (Demeter/Farm Boy)

The illustrated version of brave farm boy Mikkos stepping up to rail a dry and cranky Demeter with original art created by Sinita.