Fiction: Team Building Activity

Bisexual erotica featuring the messenger gods Iris, Hermes, and Triton.

Mythology Monday: Writing in Greek Mythology

Find out how Hermes first invented writing.

Fiction: Reunion (Hermes/Perseus)

This short is a welcome gift to my new patrons who came from my Twitter thread about Hermes and writing in ancient Greece.

Fiction: Hermes/Hekate (M/F)

"Hekate, who as legend tells, by the waters of Boebeis laid her virgin body at Hermes' side."

Fiction: Hermes & Charon: Treasure Hunters

This is the Charmes fanfic I wrote for the Beach Episode fanzine.

Announcement: Cover Art by The Last Bacchae

I gave myself a birthday present: the creators of the comic "The Last Bacchae", will make the cover srt for my upcoming book!

Fiction: Hotwife in Spring, Part 1

"How about," Persephone interjected, "We make a little competition out of it? First to be hard again gets to fuck me."

Fiction: Hermes and Baby Dionysos (SFW)

Hermes rescues baby Dionysos.

Mythology Monday: Work

The Greek Gods of Work: find out who watches over which kinds of tasks.

Same Sex Love in Ancient Literature Quotes

For Pride Month: A collection of quotes from ancient works that unambiguously talk about romantic or erotic attraction to the same sex.