Fiction: Hermes and Baby Dionysos (SFW)

I have 4 patrons as of today and 4 is the number of Hermes!

So I want to share a little ficlet with you about Hermes and baby Dionysos. Don't worry, it's not erotica ;-)

As you may know, Dionysos' mother Semele was burned to death when her lover Zeus came to her in his divine form. Hermes saved his baby brother from her womb and delivered him to their father, who sewed the foetus into his thigh. Hermes would remain a protector of Dionysos all his life which I try to express in my stories by giving the two brothers an intimate and loving relationship.

The story was inspired in part by "Nato Due Volte" (Twice Born), an Italian retelling of the myth by Giulia Marino.