Fiction: Hotwife in Spring, Part 1

Fiction: Hotwife in Spring, Part 1

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I decided to post this story in 2 parts because it's over 2500 words long already and I wouldn't have managed to write and edit it in time. I will post the second part in October, so you'll get two stories in October after all 😊

Hotwife in Spring

Persephone was lost in thought as she made the climb from the underworld back to the world of the living. The pendant felt heavy on her breast. Hades had been very clear: during her time in the upper world she was to have sex with as many male partners as she could find. The pendant he had given her served as a token of their agreement and would render her barren, a fallback should her own fertility powers fail. A reminder of her task. Before she married Hades and became Queen of the Underworld, there had been no lack of suitors. It should be easy finding a god or two willing to bed her, no? But where to start...

"You are awfully quiet today," Hermes commented. He always saw her back to her mother. And he was informed of her... unusual quest. The grin on his face showed plainly that he knew exactly what she was thinking about.

"I just don't know where to start," she admitted. "It all seemed so enticing and easy when we discussed it for the last half of the year. But now... Who would dare to bed the Dread Queen?"

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that." Hermes' grin widened. "And I know just the place to start. A god who doesn't fear chthonic aspects. An equal opportunity lover, one might say."

"Are you talking about yourself?" Persephone asked with suspicion. Everyone in the underworld knew of his ongoing affair with Hekate.

Hermes laughed.

"No. Although," He bowed before her. "I'm always at your service, my queen."

"I'm well aware of that."

A glimmer of disappointment flashed over Hermes' features before he said:

"I can take you to him instead of your mother if it pleases you."


"That," Hermes said with a mischievous smile, "will have to remain a surprise."

Persephone frowned. If she went straight to her mother, she would lose the entire day for her mission. Not that Demeter would disapprove. Persephone had grown up with every freedom to take lovers as she pleased. But her mother would want to chat and spend time with her and so taking this little detour would be much easier. Hermes knew everyone so it was likely his choice was a good fit. But it wouldn't be unlike him to take her to the gorgons as a joke.

"All right. Take me to this mysterious lover. If you would sleep with this person yourself."

"Without another thought."

They ascended at a place unknown to her. Hermes led her from the mouth of a cave through a thick forest and soon they could hear music and laughter in the distance.

"You're taking me to Dionysos." Persephone stated.

"The very same." Hermes smirked. "Don't worry, I have sampled the quality of his love-making myself. And since I have also bedded the Paphian Queen, I can safely say that unless you are blessed with a lay with Aphrodite, there is no one better. He'll be more than happy to be your first."

"Is that so?" Persephone had mixed feelings about this. Dionysos had quite the reputation for orgiastic excess. She didn't want her very first encounter to be something she might lose control of.

"If you don't believe me, feel free to ask him yourself."

Reluctantly she followed her guide through a camp of tents and dancing maenads, some of which were in amorous embrace with satyrs or each other. Watching the dance Dionysos, the Bacchic Lord, was seated on a wooden throne bedecked with furs, his thyrsos in one hand. Despite her nervousness, Persephone had to smile at Hermes fluttering up to his brother for a sweet embrace. It was obvious that they were very fond of each other. The thought that Hermes had been sexually involved with him was... an exciting idea.

"Persephone has come here for your help, little brother," Hermes said with mock gravitas.

"My help?" Dionysos eyed her with curiosity.

"Yes." Persephone gave him a small bow. "My husband has tasked me with an unusal chore."

"She has to fuck as many male partners as possible!" Hermes chimed in.

"Ohhhh..." Dionysos raised his eyebrows. "In this case, I am more than able to help you out."

Persephone rolled her eyes at Hermes.

"You were sworn to secrecy."

Hermes shrugged.

"If you want to fuck him, you have to tell him, no?"

"That can certainly be arranged." Dionysos pulled away the purple himation that had only loosely been draped over his shoulder, revealing his soft, naked body. Short and effeminate, he was not exactly Persephone's type but she did have a thing for dark hair and dark eyes. He wore his in a messy braid that spilled out under his vine leaf crown. The utter joy in his eyes was contagious.

"You're always down to fuck?" Persephone laughed.

"Not always. But I would never turn you down in a time of need, Melitôdês*."

"What a charmer you are. I would prefer a more private place, though."

"Say no more. My tent is occupied at the moment but we'll find another one."

"Occupied?" Persephone frowned.

"Yes, well, Ariadne is spending some time with her favourite maenads." He gestured to one of the satyrs nearby. "Amyntas, be a good lad and clear Niko's tent for me, will you?"

"Right away, Lord Dionysos!"

Dionysos shifted slightly in his seat, returning his gaze to Persephone.

"Tell me more of this new arrangement between you and Hades," he said, resting his chin on the back of his hands.

"There isn't much to tell. Hermes already said it all."

"I do hope there is more to it. Like some rules to the game." Dionysos played with the vines hanging from his wreath. "Don't get me wrong, I'm ecstatic someone as as... let's say traditional as Hades would try such a thing. But I wouldn't have him get jealous and take it out on you." The wine god's dark eyes shimmered with concern. Persephone smiled.

"We did talk about it... I get to choose my partners freely, I don't need his approval. But I have to tell him all of the details after I return to him in autumn and let him ask me questions about it."

"Fair enough. Anything else?"

"I am not to bed the same god twice."

"Now that's a shame." Dionysos winked. "Is it the first time you are... free to roam?"

"No, we... tried it before. With Adonis. I had him with and without my husband watching."

"Adonis." A dreamy smile spread over Dionysos' face. "Good for him!"

Persephone wasn't surprised Dionysos would know her lover, after all he spent most of his time on earth with Aphrodite. And Adonis had many male admirers too.

"My Lord!" The satyr from earlier had returned. "The tent is ready for you."

"Perfect." Dionysos rose from his wooden throne and extended a hand to the Queen of the Dead. "Shall we?"

The tent was small and cosy with most of the space occupied by a large bed of cushions on the floor. Dionysos, still naked, picked up two golden cups and magically filled them with wine. Only when he handed one of them to Hermes did Persephone realise that he had come with them.

"Shall I start with Hermes?" Dionysos asked, "So you can join in when you are ready?"

Persephone nodded. She had not intended for Hermes to be a part of it but she had never watched two gods have sex with one another so this would be interesting. She took a sip of wine just to take the edge off. Dionysos didn't seem nervous at all or bothered by someone watching. She wondered if Hermes had planned for this to happen as Dionysos removed the messenger's hat and cloak until he stood naked except for his winged sandals. In turn Hermes showered him with eager kisses. He was already hard as his kerykeion, little beads of pre-come glistening in the light of the tent. Dionysos' erection seemed somewhat lazy in comparison, only slowly rising as Hermes touched him, stroking his cheeks, his chest, his bum...

"Go get the aryballos," Dionysos told him, "It's- hmmm on the table."

Hermes swiftly got the little flask and opened it. Persephone had not expected the strong fragrance that filled the tent, it must be a perfume bottle. Dionysos pulled his brother close, causing Hermes to spill some of the oily perfume.

"Fill me, please!" Dionysos begged, his voice muffled by more kisses.

"Patience, Nionios." Hermes grinned. "I'll fill you soon enough, but first with the oil."

Dionysos nodded, his gaze longing and full of need. Persephone edged closer as Hermes bedded the wine god on the soft cushions. Dionysos eagerly spread his legs, anticipation glowing in his winedark eyes. But Hermes set the oil aside, his swift hands caressing his partner's belly and teasing his erect shaft. Persephone wondered if she should get involved and join Hermes in stroking and rubbing the thick cock. But she shied away from the idea for now, feeling more comfortable with watching some more. Neither of the two gods resembled her husband in looks or behaviour. Dionysos was also dark-haired and pale but the similarities ended there. No beard graced his cheeks nor was he broad-shouldered or strong of arm. A small trail of dark hair marked the way from his phallus to his navel, the only body hair she could see on him. His body was soft and sensual, resembling more the ideal of a woman than the chiselled beauty of a man. Hermes, on the other hand, was more toned, with muscles visible underneath honeyed skin, his brown curls cut at shoulder length. But he was just as short as Dionysos and even though he was athletic, he was of light built and not nearly as imposing in his physique as Hades, his presence not nearly as commanding. And yet there was a playfulness about the two of them that made them immense fun to watch.

"Are you gonna oil me or will I have to do it myself?" Dionysos teased, both hands full with the messenger's toned buttocks. "I mean... I'll do you in a heartbeat if that's what you want."

"You know what I want," said Hermes, his green eyes glinting hungrily.


"Only this ham." He began kissing the wine god's inner thighs, making him giggle. Without turning away, Hermes dipped his fingers into the perfume bottle and guided them between his partner's bum cheeks. A relishing sigh came from Dionysos as Hermes' arm moved.


"How do you like it today?" asked Hermes, scooping up more oil. Dionysos wrapped his legs around his brother's head.

"I'd like some cock right about now," he replied, "come on in already!"

"How about," Persephone interjected, "You make a little competition out of it?"

"What do you mean?" Hermes asked. Two pairs of eyes were on her as she explained:

"Make sure you spend at the same moment." Persephone opened her legs to give the two of them a good look at her soaking vulva. "First to be hard again gets to fuck me."

Dionysos giggled.

"What do you say, Hermes? Do you think you can compete with me?"

"Compete with you? I'll make you come so hard you won't stand a chance against me."

Dionysos folded his arms under his head, a seductive smile on his face.

"So you're saying I can't lose. Bring it on."

Other than Dionysos, Hermes seemed to take her little contest dead seriously.

"Tell me when you are close. No cheating."

"I'm flattered you think I could cheat you."

Dionysos pulled him down for a kiss, his legs wrapping around Hermes' back. Persephone loved the nonchalance and ease with which the two interacted, making her hot and eager to get involved. She stroked one of her breasts as she watched, rolling the teat between her fingertips. She had not thought the two would make her soaking wet without even touching her. Hermes eyes wandered for a moment, taking in her heaving breast until Dionysos pulled him back by the curly hair.

"You haven't won yet, Promachos," he said, "Get ready to watch me suck on these tits."

Persephone wouldn't mind his wine-soaked lips caressing the sensitive breasts, not at all, or better yet: both of them sucking on her tits. She just might find out before the night was over. Hermes entered his partner, pushing in with a measured thrust. Persephone had always spurned his advances but watching his muscles work, the smooth rolling motion of his loins, made her want to trade places with the wine god. His effort did not fail to yiel results. Not only was Hermes himself panting and moaning, Dionysos was quick to drown him out with even louder groans. Persephone blushed as she noticed she was literally drenching the cushions beneath her, the lustful noises and smacking flesh arousing her more than she would have ever believed. Dionysos clung to Hermes, his head thrown back with the messenger's lips caressing exposed skin. Persephone was almost glad when Hermes took a short break in which he rubbed his brother's phallus to compensate for the standstill. Dionysos shivered at the hand caressing him, his moans deep and desperate. "I'm close," he pressed out, followed by a whimper when Hermes started to move again.

"Me too." Hermes panted, "Can you come on three?"

"Ye- ah! yes!"

Hermes gave a quick, deep thrust.


"Oh, yes! Deeper!"

The messenger slammed his loins against the wine gods buttocks.


"Please, more!"

Hermes startled.

"One more," he said, sounding confused.

"No, please, I need more!"

Hermes gritted his teeth.

"We agreed on three!"

"But we have to come together."

"I can't go on much longer."

Dionysos smiled innocently.

"I'll tell you when you can spill."

Persephone shuddered along with them when when Hermes desperately delivered more forceful thrusts, making Dionysos gasp and groan.

"I- You- hnnn now!"

Hermes' arse cheeks clenched as he came, his hoarse moans blending with Dionysos' cries of release. If they had asked her, she wouldn't have been able to tell who shot first but both of them evidently did. Hermes was licking the come off Dionysos' belly as if it were honey, their cocks slowly shrinking. Hades should get one of the younger gods to join them. Maybe Hypnos or even Hermes. He had already seen her exposed and maybe he would mount her too if he won the little contest. And he knew of their arrangement anyway, though if her quest went well so would most of the male gods by the end of summer.

They were kissing but when Hermes caught her gaze he broke the kiss.

"It will only take a few moments," he assured her with a cheeky grin, "but there are ways to sweeten the waiting."

Persephone played with a red lock.

"I'm listening."

"He wants to lick your cunt." Dionysos turned lazily in the cushions. "But isn't that cheating, Hermes?"

"How is that cheating? I'm merely entertaining your guest."

"You are trying to speed up your arousal by plunging your face into female charms."

"Well, you do it then."

"Boys, boys, you can share." Persephone opened one of the pins that held up her dress and cupped her now bared breast. "There's enough of me for the both of you."

She knew she had great tits and they did not fail to bring results.

"That seems fair." Dionysos said and came crawling over from his place on the cushion bed. "Top or bottom, Hermes?"

Hermes' nimble fingers had already found their way under her skirts.

"You know me, I love soup."

Dionysos shrugged and closed his little mouth around her sensitive teat. Persephone sighed. His warm tongue teased her beautifully while Hermes dove between her legs, was going down hard. His tongue slid up and down her slit, no doubt tasting her juices. Dionysos nibbled on her hardened teat with gentle teeth as Hermes licked her as if cleaning out a bowl. The delightful mix of gentleness and roughness made her leak into his mouth. She was wet, oh so wet, and wide with anticipation.

"Nionios?" Hermes asked, his mouth full of cunt.

"Hm?" Dionysos mumbled without letting go of her teat.

"Are you hard?"

Looking down, Persephone could see the wine god's cock. He had grown thicker but not yet hard enough to rise. Hermes, though, got up from his place between her thighs and proudly presented his fully erect member.

"I win."

To be continued... in October!

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