Fiction: Team Building Activity

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this is the Pride Month special I wrote with my followers on Mastodon. I wrote a small part of the story every day, with polls in between to determine how the story would continue. You can find the thread here.

I cleaned up the temporal shifts and typos that happened while writing and added a glossary here for the few specific terms I did use within the story.

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chiton: An ancient Greek piece of clothing akin to the Roman tunic.

Eos: Rosy-fingered Dawn

peplos: A style of ancient Greek dress worn by women. It looks like this.

potnia: Ancient Greek (πότνια) for Mistress, Lady.

satyr: Horny fertility spirits of the countryside and wilds, often depicted with large erections. Tritones, the fish-tailed children of Triton, were called the "satyrs of the sea".

Styx: The underworld river the gods swear their oaths by.

Team Building Activity

For #PrideMonth, I'm writing a little bit of story every day and you get to determine what happens next. All posts will be tagged #PrideMonthSpecial. Popular vote decided it's gonna be #Bisexual ✨ erotica ❤️ 💜 💙

Hermes yawned and swung out of bed to put on his winged sandals. Helios had only just left the gates of heaven to bring light to the world. Hermes rubbed the sleep from his eyes, took his bag and herald's staff and left his chamber in his father's house to take to the air.

He ran through the air, over dark earth and barren sea, until he reached the small island where he had regular meetings with his fellow messengers Iris and Triton. Iris had been delivering the messages of Zeus before he was born. Now she stood in the service of Hera. Triton, Poseidon's son, was the messenger of the sea and controlled the waves with his conch shell. Probably the reason why the sea was so calm today. As Hermes descended, he spotted Iris in her rainbow cloak.

It looked breath-taking as always, changing colour with every movement she made. He had always admired her, the eloquence of her words and the large, shimmering wings that took her from the peak of Olympos to the far ends of the earth and even to the running waters of Styx. He needed his sandals to fly but she had wings, like Eros and his brothers. As he landed beside her, she greeted him with a smile. Hermes longed to trace his fingers over her lips, to make her blush.

"Greetings, Iris!" Hermes returned her smile. "Triton is fashionably late as always, huh?"
Iris shrugged. "I was here before you arrived as well."
Hermes sat down beside her, his fingers playing with her gorgeous rainbow cloak.
"Surely because your wings carry you much faster than I can run. I didn't sleep in, I left with Eos."
It was bending of the truth rather than an actual lie. Helios left shortly after Eos and he had left shortly after Helios.
"Slow poke," she said.

"Who are you calling slow?" Hermes replied with mock outrage. "Just because I don't have wings on my back." He reached out to pick up an iridescent feather that had floated to the ground. "They are truly stunning, you know?"
"A thief like you would be drawn to shiny things," she teased.
"Don't worry. They're attached too tightly for me to steal," he joked back. Iris laughed.
"Lucky me. They'd look good on you."
"Thanks. But they're much too flashy for a thief." He winked.

"Stealth would indeed be a thing of the past," Iris grinned, spreading her wings in full. Hermes was speechless for a moment, watching in awe as the crisp morning light made her feathers shimmer and dazzle.
"May... may I touch them?" he asked. "Your wings. May I touch them?"
Iris' breath caught in her throat. She nodded.
"Yes. Go ahead."
Hermes jumped up into the air and hovered behind her, his nimble fingers exploring the soft feathers and strong muscles of her wings.

All the strength that he had in his legs, she must have in her wings. As he caressed her, a sudden boldness overcame him and he lowered his head to kiss her neck. Iris startled but she didn't pull away. Hermes let his hands wander to her shoulders and then down her front to slip under her peplos dress, the soft skin a joy to his fingertips.
"What is this, Hermes? Triton might arrive at any moment."
"Nonsense," Hermes replied, his breath warm against her neck, "He's never on time."

"Still. Keep it tame, will you?"
Hermes sighed.
"As you wish. But there is so much I could do for you..." His hands slid back up, massaging her wings and the strong muscles that supported them. He carefully stroked and smoothed her shimmering feathers and kneaded the flesh beneath from the base all the way to the tips. He didn't have wings himself but he was no stranger to the task of tending to them, his own sandals needing care ever so often for their swift wings.

"Oh yes, like that!" Iris moaned.
Hermes continued his caress of her wings, drawing noises of pleasure from her that spurred him on like nothing else. He longed for her to touch him too but even if she didn't, giving joy was its own reward and he could masturbate to it later. As he massaged her shoulders, his gaze fell on her bum, the fabric of her peplos dress falling enticingly over its curve. He felt a sudden fit of mischief and glided his hands down her back.

Not to be too obvious, he gave her a proper back rub, one that slowly travelled downward until his hands sat right above her arse. And then, he kept going. The touch of her full, delicious buttocks through the fine, almost see-through fabric, gave him a hard-on like a shoot of asparagus rising towards the sky. She did not protest, so Hermes continued his massage of her ample buttocks without missing a beat. He loved grabbing the soft flesh and really dug his fingers in.

If this was tame enough for her, he would certainly not challenge that perception. As he kneaded her arse, he pressed a soft kiss to her neck, awkwardly tilting his loins away not to poke her with his hardness.
"Sneaky god. Are you trying to seduce me?"
"Trying? I thought I was seducing you," Hermes teased, nuzzling her neck.
"You always were a cocky one," Iris commented, but she didn't push him away nor asked him to stop. Hermes nibbled on the delicate skin of her neck.

His kisses grew more urgent, his caress bolder, until suddenly Iris turned around and caught his lips, drawing him into a passionate kiss. Hermes slid one hand beneath the skirt of her dress to touch her naked bum. His voice was breathless from their kiss when he said: "Your lips are as soft as your tongue is sharp, my dear Iris." She gave him a smirk. "And your tongue is certainly not made of silver, my dear colleague. Much too warm and flexible."

"The silver," Hermes replied, "is in the words I speak, my dear radiant goddess."
"So it seems," Iris agreed, "Sometimes silver and sometimes hot air."
"I will show you what hot air is good for," Hermes said with a glint in his eye, his kisses moving down her neck to her cleavage, kissing each breast through the fine fabric before lifting her skirt and blowing his warm breath against her womanhood. Iris couldn't help but giggle.
"You are such a jester, Hermes!"

"But I do not jest, Lady of the Rainbow, when I say what a marvellous treasure of femininity you hide beneath those skirts."
"Does it please you, you cheeky god?" Iris laughed.
"Please me? So much more than that, my beautiful Iris. I want to worship at the altar of your womanhood, taste the divine dew that springs from between these shimmering legs."
Iris opened her thighs slightly.
"Then use your tongue and give me silver and gold."
Hermes didn't have to be told twice.

Hermes' mouth closed around Iris' smooth folds, his tongue travelling though the slit, drawing a gasp from her. He tasted her juices, the tip of his tongue diving deeply into her passage to savour her ambrosial aroma.


Triton broke through the surface, looking for his colleagues on the beach. The rays of Helios were not as bright in the ocean as they were for the gods on Olympos and he was rarely woken by them. However, the sight before him jolted him awake immediately.

Hermes was on his knees, looking as if he was devouring a sea urchin. Iris leaned back, a blissful expression on her face as she made the most delightful bird-like sounds. Triton swam closer, eager to see more and hear more. He let the waves wash him up in the surf behind Hermes but neither of them took note of him. Hermes had his back towards him and Iris had her eyes closed in pleasure. Watching so close, Triton could feel his phallus uncoil from his growing arousal.

But as much as the scene before him stirred his desire, the desire for mischief was stronger. The tip of his phallus peeking out from his genital slit, Triton picked up his conch shell that controlled the waves, and blew so hard that the resulting tone was deafening as it travelled over land and sea. Hermes and Iris both jumped out of their skin at the loud noise, making Triton laugh at the successful prank.
"Good morning," he said, "You don't waste any time."

Hermes was the first to recover from the startle.
"Triton! How nice of you to show up after all!"
"It's not that late," Triton protested.
"Late enough for our colleague to have a second breakfast." Iris smirked.
"And it was delicious!" Hermes exclaimed. He exchanged a glance with Iris. He was so horny, ending it now in favour of pleasant conversation seemed nigh impossible. And by the look of it, she felt the same way.
"Why don't you come join us?" She purred at Triton, "I have a different conch for you to blow."
Triton's green face darkened. How cute. As if he and his fishtailed offspring weren't known as the satyrs of the sea.
"No false modesty, dear colleague," she added, becking him closer. He approached Hermes and her, wriggling his tail over the pebbly shore instead of turning it into legs like she knew he could. The wet skin glistened in the morning light and she opened her legs to let him see the delicacy Hermes had feasted on.

She felt his silvery eyes resting on her and she wondered how his webbed hands would feel on her skin when Hermes wrapped an arm around the merman. "Looks like you have awakened the kraken, Iris. I see a tentacle coming for you." Triton blushed a dark shade of green. "Shut up, Hermes," he said, covering his genital slit with his hand. Iris had never seen the phallus of a sea god before. Was it really a tentacle, as Hermes had joked?
"Don't be shy, Triton," Hermes said. "I'll take off my chiton if you take off your hand."
"All right." Triton nodded. "You go first."
Hermes opened the pins that held his clothes in place, exposing his toned body and his erection. Hermes lived up to his rustic roots, a generous length adorning him instead of the modest size of most Olympians. "Now it's your turn," Hermes reminded him. Triton removed his hand from his genital slit, revealing the tip of his phallus peeking out. When Hermes reached for it the flexible tip curled around his finger. Iris watched with wide eyes. What a fascinating skill. Hermes stroked the little tip and it grew longer and longer until it seemed to have fully emerged. But as curious as Iris was, she wanted to give in to the attraction that had been smouldering between her and Hermes for far too long.
"You seem familiar with it already," she said tentatively.
"Oh yes," Hermes replied cheerfully. "We masturbate each other all the time."

"Does that mean that you are ready to take him?" Iris teased. Hermes hesitated. He was oh so ready but it was still considered shameful to play the receptive part to another cock. On the other hand, he really, really wanted to and Iris was going to see it anyway.
"I'm nothing if not versatile, sweetie," he replied with a charming smile. "I even came prepared. There's oil in my bag." Iris didn't have to know that he brought it for the added pleasure when rubbing one out.

Triton was already rummaging through Hermes' bag, finding the flask between letters and deliveries.
"Then don't tarry, Hermes," Iris urged him, "There is an urgent delivery of cock I'm waiting for."
Hermes grins. "Coming right up, potnia."
He entered her right away, the pleasure of pushing in almost making him come. He was grateful for the distraction of Triton starting to oil up his back passage, settling for a slow rhythm that would allow for the merman to work on him.

Triton had trouble oiling up Hermes' hole with his webbed fingers but with some fiddling and determination, he got the job done. Hermes was already panting and moaning, longing to finally go faster and deeper. Iris had her wings spread out behind her, clinging to Hermes as he thrust into her, bringing her pleasure with every jolt of his loins. She wrapped her legs around him, locking eyes with Triton who announced: "I, uh, I would enter now?"
"Please!" Hermes moaned.

"Get your tentacle up his butt," Iris teased. Triton blushed, hiding behind Hermes as his flexible shaft found its way inside. Hermes groaned and Iris could feel him swell inside her, the exotic phallus apparently not half bad. She watched Triton's green hands roam over Hermes' chest and belly, saw the son of Zeus tilt his head in delight from the pleasure he received from both him and her. Triton set the pace now, the movement of his loins pushing Hermes deep into her.

Iris tried to catch Triton's gaze. He was shy but didn't look away when their eyes met. Iris gave him a sign to increase the pace. She was surprised when he reached out a webbed hand towards her and guided her hand towards Hermes' bum cheeks. She dug her fingers into the firm muscle, feeling it flex as he thrust into her. Triton kissed his neck from behind and Iris was quick to join him from the other side. He gulped beneath her lips, his breath coming in quick pants.

"You... you guys, I... I..." he gasped. Iris pressed her lips on his, urging him on with eager squeezes to his glutes. Triton's green hands caressed his lower abdomen and the top of his thighs. With a choked cry, Hermes spent. Iris felt the warm come drip out of her as he continued his thrusts. As he whimpered in the throes of pleasure, Iris leaned over Hermes' shoulder and caught Triton's lips. They were cold and salty like the sea, but as Hermes climaxed between them, nothing could have been hotter. Triton's tongue flicked against her, soft and brief, but before they could deepen the kiss Hermes pushed her back.
"Sorry, Iris," he said with remorse, "I'll make it up to you."
He slid out of her, limp like a rope, and replaced the pleasure of his thrusts with the pleasure of his tongue, evidently unbothered by his own come. Iris bit her lip, relishing the sensation of his skilled licks that brought her closer and closer to her own peak.

"Keep going... just like that!"
Triton stilled his movements, allowing Hermes to do precision work. Iris felt her climax build, build, until it exploded in a burst of sensual delight.
"You made it up to me, dear colleague. Now what about our fish friend?"
Hermes grinned.
"Right below the cock is his anal slit. Would be a shame if someone played with it."
Iris smirked, her fingers ghosting over the smooth tail until she found the opening. Hermes moved in tandem with her, pushing and grinding his arse against Triton's tail. Iris stroked him best she could. It seemed to be working because his green cheeks flushed darker, he gasped for air, and squirmed against her hand. Hermes squeaked at the intensity of the shooting seed, a quirk of his marine anatomy.
"Woah, mate, like a water jet!"
"I'm sorry." Triton pulled away, his thin shaft coiling up.
"No need to be sorry," Iris said. "Let's put this on the agenda for the next meeting."


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