Fiction: An Evening for Some Terpsichore (Artemis x Terpsichore x Apollon)

Fiction: An Evening for Some Terpsichore (Artemis x Terpsichore x Apollon)

Since this "flash fiction" is 3,454 words long, I moved the "Dionysos grows a cock ring of vines" story to December. I hope you don't mind but this got really long 😅

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strophion: a wide band of wool or linen wrapped across the breasts and tied between the shoulder blades, the bra of ancient Greece.

Phoibos: a name and an epithet of Apollon meaning the shining, pure or bright. Artemis uses this name when she speaks of her brother in Hymn 3 to Artemis by Kallimachos when she is still a little maid, so I she uses it as an endearment here.

aryballos: a small flask with a narrow neck, used to contain perfume or oil

An Evening for Some Terpsichore

Artemis lay stretched out in the fragrant meadow on the peak of Mount Olympos. Her twin brother Apollon lounged beside her, both their bows unstrung somewhere in the grass. They had been at target practice all morning but now, as Helios climbed towards noon, it was time for a break.