Greek Mythology

Mythology Monday: Asklepios

Today, I'm telling you the story of Asklepios and his staff, the symbol of medicine.

WIP Draft: Aphrodite's Curse - Apollon defiles his Priestess

One of the priestesses of Apollo at Delphi is overcome by a vision of herself dancing in an open field. Apollon is watching and, overcome with lust upon seeing the young woman, he transports himself to the field and takes her by force.

Fiction: Hermes/Hekate (M/F)

"Hekate, who as legend tells, by the waters of Boebeis laid her virgin body at Hermes' side."

Fiction: Queen of Happiness (Hathor x Ariadne)

While at the Festival of Drunkenness in Dendera, Egypt, Ariadne catches the eye of the powerful goddess Hathor...

Mythology Monday: Work

The Greek Gods of Work: find out who watches over which kinds of tasks.

Fiction: Pandora's Box (F/F)

When Zeus ordered the creation of Pandora, it was Peitho and the Charites who put golden necklaces around her neck. Peithos is quite taken with their work...

Mythology Monday: Gods of Healing

The most powerful god of healing is Apollon. But there are other deities who share his gift.

Sex Change in Greek Mythology

Find out which Greek and Roman myths feature sex change!

Fiction: An Evening for Some Terpsichore (Artemis x Terpsichore x Apollon)

Artemis has admired the Muse of the Dance ever since she was young. When Apollon suggests a threeway, how can she pass up that chance?

Fiction: Hermes and Apollon ‒ The Invention of Wrestling (M/M)

Hermes invents the sport of wrestling to hit on Apollon.