Artemis: Where the Wild Girls Are

Artemis is the deity of wildness and wild things, including unmarried girls.

Fiction: Artemis and the Huntress

A maiden huntress stumbles upon Artemis bathing. Will this encounter end differently than for Aktaion? Or will she be torn to pieces?

Fiction: A Good Pounding (Aphrodite / Artemis)

Aphrodite shows Artemis her new invention: the strap-on

Fiction: An Evening for Some Terpsichore (Artemis x Terpsichore x Apollon)

Artemis has admired the Muse of the Dance ever since she was young. When Apollon suggests a threeway, how can she pass up that chance?

Fiction: Call of the Wild (Artemis / Kyrene)

When Apollon breaks up with his girlfriend Kyrene, will Artemis pick up the pieces?

New Release: Taken by the Greek Gods – Dionysos and Aura

Dear beautiful Reader, I'm happy to announce that Taken by