Fiction: A Good Pounding (Aphrodite / Artemis)

Fiction: A Good Pounding (Aphrodite / Artemis)
Image by Inna Mykytas from Pixabay.

Artemis did not believe her eyes when one of the Amnisiades* led towards her throne golden Aphrodite dressed in knee-high skirts just like a huntress, her lush golden hair fastened up as if she were on the prowl. But unlike her own short dress, Aphrodite's neckline hung low, showing too much of her ample bosoms for Artemis not to look away.

"I am so sorry, Archeress," Aphrodite chirped, "I got lost in the woods looking for the camp of Dionysos. Looks like I found the wrong one." She laughed brightly, her breasts rocking with her laughter.

"Don't worry, Paphian Queen," Artemis replied amicably, even though she didn't know how the goddess could possibly have mistaken her camp of virgin hunters for the noisy entourage of her half-brother, "I will have one of my maidens guide you to our bacchic Lord."

"That is most sweet of you, darling Artemis." Aphrodite looked up at her through her long dark eyelashes, prompting Artemis to look away again. "Although... Now that I am here, I suppose there is something I could show you."

"Sh-show me?"

Artemis' cheeks burned. The love goddess had no power over her, a sworn virgin. And yet... Artemis had vowed to remain unclaimed by men and while she did love the embrace of women, she never felt the fiery foolishness of love's arrows. Lust did not make her crazy but she still felt affection and she did enjoy the pleasures of her body. And the body of another woman. Or goddess. Aphrodite was her rival in many ways but that made her even more alluring. If Artemis were to submit to anyone, it would be golden Aphrodite and her soft, red lips...

"Yes." The powerful goddess came closer until her full lips almost touched the Virgin's ear. "But you will want us to be away from prying eyes."