Preview: Aphrodite's Boy Toy – Ares

Preview: Aphrodite's Boy Toy – Ares

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Preview: Aphrodite's Boy Toy – Aphrodite and Ares (M/F)

"You slept with Dionysos?"

Aphrodite nods.

"That's what I said."

Ares gives her a disapproving look.

"Why? Is my love not enough for you?"

"Come on." Aphrodite gets up from her couch and sits down on Ares' lap. She smooths his hair and caresses his cheeks. "You know you are the only one I truly love. But you and I cannot be together as often as we like. There is my husband, for one, and you are away to make war and I am away spreading love. Sometimes I've got needs when you can't tend to them. And he... was here. Sometimes I just need a cock. You understand. You sleep with nymphs and mortal women when you're off waging war."

His hard features soften.

"That may be true, my love. But I'd much rather share my bed with you. Only you. Now instead of losing a husband you take a new lover?"

"You will not find me surfeited." Aphrodite kisses him again, her hands gliding over the firm muscles on his strong back and the hard bones of his shoulder blades. She feels his rising cock against her bum cheeks where she sits. He is easily turned on by her, he always is. Aphrodite is not jealous of the other women he fucks while he is down in the mortal world. She knows he is hers, completely. What they have is truly rare, especially among the immortals. They have been together for centuries, yet he still excites her. He still is enamoured with her. The only time she envied one of his lovers was when Eos, the goddess of dawn, lured him into her bed. Eos is immortal like her and she doesn't have the burden of a husband. Aphrodite still feels anger bile up when she thinks about it. Eos was smitten with Ares and she would have loved nothing more than to have him for her consort. Aphrodite had spied on them making love on the rosy meadows of dawn and she wanted to be the one in his arms. She wanted to be the one who was free and unmarried, she wanted to be the one he could see whenever he liked. She wanted to be the one who could cry loudly in pleasure without concern of someone hearing. She wanted to be the one getting on her knees in a bed of flowers and taking the hard thrusts of his spear. So she cursed Eos with constant passion and made her fall in love with a plenitude of mortal men.

Ares picks her up as if she weighs nothing at all and carries her upstairs to the bed. He throws her down on the mattress and she already knows what he wants her to do. He opens the pins that hold her dress and she tosses it carelessly to the floor. Ares is beside her now, his hands on her breasts, his mouth on her neck. She can feel his warm breath and his lips and she is already wet with anticipation. Other than Dionysos, Ares knows exactly what she likes.

"You never fail to arouse me." Aphrodite turns her head to kiss him and he licks her lips and teases her, alsways keeping his mouth just out of reach.

She gives him a mock-annoyed look and lies down between his thighs. His manhood is fully erect, a marvel to behold. The other gods say a large cock signifies a lack of rationality, of impulsive, barbaric, beastly behaviour. They have no idea how much pleasure it can give.

She takes hold of it and pulls it towards her mouth, teasing the very tip with a few tentative motions of her tongue before engulfing the whole crown and swirling her tongue all around it. Ares gives a sigh of pleasure and she delights in it. She can read almost all her lovers, because if she couldn't, what kind of love goddess would she be? But still it's special when she does Ares. She loves to see him burning with desire, she loves to tease him and feel the build-up of pleasure just before he comes and shoots his load. He has closed his eyes and is relishing the feeling of her warm wet mouth around his cock and her skilful tongue along the ridge of his crown. He doesn't have to guide her or tell her what to do. Aphrodite extends a hand to play with his testes as she drives him closer and closer to orgasm. She can't wait for his cock inside her. But he is indignant about her dalliance with Dionysos, so he will make her wait. She can wait. He will give himself to her eventually. He always does. Ares' scrotum is tightening in her grasp and she slows down a little, because he likes the tease and she doesn't want his cock to become sore. His crown is big and hard against her palate, leaking salty, slightly sweet pre-cum.

She draws out his climax as long as she can, keeping him on the edge just before eruption. She can tell he loves it, despite his unmoving face. She will make him lose his helm of indifference. Instead of the gentle, careful stir of her tongue, she now sucks and licks at his crown with full intend to make him spend. He groans and pants, shooting several waves of warm semen into her throat. She swallows most of it and licks at the rest that is running down her chin and his shaft. He opens his eyes and smiles at her. The war god doesn't smile often, in fact, he almost never does. He rarely gets a reason. The other gods of Mount Olympos hate him, the violent son of Zeus and Hera. They only see his blood-lust, his murderous side. Aphrodite brings forth his gentler nature. When they are together, the human world is at peace. Which doesn't mean his violent temperament is gone. He just lives it out in bed. She gets wet just thinking about it.

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