Illustrated Fiction: A Kind Of Magic (Hera x Ganymedes)

"It's an artificial phallus. One that can be strapped to a woman's pelvis. And I'm going to use it on you."

Fiction: Pyramus and Thisbe and the (Glory) Hole in the Wall (M/F)

Pyramus and Thisbe, a handsome youth and the loveliest of maidens, lived in adjoining houses near the famous city of Babylon. And just as smouldering fires gather heat, love's passion burnt between them.

Fiction: Down to Earth (Demeter/Farm Boy)

Demeter gets dry and cranky during the winter but a brave farm boy steps up and gives the unhappy goddess a shag to remember.

Kinktober 2022

I don't know if I will manage all 31 Kinktober prompts but I want to try for a shortie every day.

FlashFill Friday: Undersexed (M/F)

A woman named Rachel hasn't had sex for weeks and is alone in bed in very flimsy clothing when an intruder arrives. Sensing an opportunity to get her rocks off she lets him take her in ways she never had before.

FlashFill Friday: Persephone dominates Hades

Persephone makes the King of the Underworld her little bitch!

New Release: Taken by the Greek Gods – Aphrodite's Boy Toy

Dear beautiful Reader, I'm happy to announce that Taken by

Preview: Aphrodite's Boy Toy – Ares

"Aphrodite's Boy Toy" has just been released! Read a preview here!

Flashfill Friday: Medusa's Revenge

I'm not doing any Friday flash fills at the moment

Review: "Apollo – Claimed by the Sungod" by Rachel Kinsley

When I decided I wanted to write mythology erotica, I