Illustrated Fiction: Down Where It's Wetter (Amphitrite / Hera)

Amphitrite and Hera complain to each other about their husbands and things get heated...

WIP: Aphrodite / Freyja

Inspired by Linda's comment about the tie in our last fiction poll, Freyja and Aphrodite meet in a temple beyond the Alps...

Fiction: Seiðr's Block (Freyja / Völva)

Can Freyja help her devotee, the völva Heidi, to unblock her gift of prophecy?

Fiction: Artemis and the Huntress

A maiden huntress stumbles upon Artemis bathing. Will this encounter end differently than for Aktaion? Or will she be torn to pieces?

Fiction: Demeter Puts Bratty Minthe in Her Place

Minthe made the mistake of bad-mouthing Persephone. Now Mama Demeter is gonna crush her like a weed. One orgasm at a time.

Fiction: Queen of Happiness (Hathor x Ariadne)

While at the Festival of Drunkenness in Dendera, Egypt, Ariadne catches the eye of the powerful goddess Hathor...

Fiction: A Good Pounding (Aphrodite / Artemis)

Aphrodite shows Artemis her new invention: the strap-on

Fiction: Pandora's Box (F/F)

When Zeus ordered the creation of Pandora, it was Peitho and the Charites who put golden necklaces around her neck. Peithos is quite taken with their work...

Illustrated Fiction: Horny for the Bride (Hebe / Psyche)

Last year's runner-up for Pride Month, Hebe and Psyche: the Goddess of Youth seduces the young bride!

Illustrated Fiction: The L in Valkyrie (F/F)

The Valkyrie Hrist has chosen a battle-hardened shield-maiden for Vahalla. And she is head over heels...