Fiction: Zeus/Ganymedes (M/M)

Fiction: Zeus/Ganymedes (M/M)

The story was inspired by my writer friend Travis Beaudoin, "IV. Ganymedes" from "Dialogues of the Gods" by Lukian of Samosata, and "Cupbearer" by Cori Lannam.

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Symposia are ancient Greek drinking parties with wine, women, music, dancing and conversation.

A zoma is a piece of cloth wrapped around the waist like a short skirt. Male and female athletes wore zoma for competitions, warriors wore it under armor, both men and women used zoma as undergarments, and slaves and other labourers wore it alone as a practical garment for work. (Source)

The erastes is the adult partner in a relationship with a younger partner. In ancient Greece, these couples were usually male.

A himation is a piece of clothing usually worn as a cloak but it can also be draped like a long skirt.

A chiton is a piece of clothing akin to a tunic.

Nectar and ambrosia are food and drink of the gods.

Zeus and the Bratty Prince of Troy

Ganymedes, prince of Phrygia, the dear delight of Zeus' bed.
Euripides, Iphigenia at Aulis, 5th century BCE (translation by Vellacott)