New Release: Taken by the Greek Gods – Zeus Does Kallisto

New Release: Taken by the Greek Gods – Zeus Does Kallisto

Dear beautiful Reader,

I'm happy to announce that Taken by Greek Gods: Zeus does Kallisto – From Father to Daughter, Genderswapped to fuck her Girlfriend is now available on Amazon and soon other retailers!

The story is a retelling of the myth of Kallisto. She was a virgin nymph in the retinue of Artemis who was desired by Zeus. I chose the comedic version of the myth in which Zeus assumes the shape of his daughter Artemis to have sex with her beloved.

If you love Greek mythology and enjoy genderswap erotica, this is the book for you!

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Aimée Maroux

P.S.: Taken by Greek Gods: Zeus does Kallisto is part of the series "Taken by Greek Gods": check out the other parts of the series!

Zeus wandered the forest of Arkadia, changing his shape into that of his daughter as he went. His broad, manly shoulders turned into the feminine build of Artemis. His hips widened and his waist curved. Voluptuous breasts plumped out of his muscular pectorals. His face lost its masculinity and assumed the gentle form of Artemis’ countenance. His clothes morphed into the short chiton his daughter wore to go hunting in the woods. The transformation was perfect.

Soon, he spotted Kallisto on the hunt for a young deer. He sneaked closer, pleased at how light his steps were in this female form, until he almost sat beside her. Then, he took an arrow from the quiver his daughter always carried with her and tickled the girl with the feathered shaft.

The huntress, startled, immediately had her bow set on him, but lowered it when she recognised who she thought to be her mistress.

“Artemis! You spooked me, my love! And now the deer is gone.”

“Don’t you worry about that deer, love. There is a more pressing matter at hand.”

Kallisto looked at him with such loving eyes he had not seen since he married Hera all those centuries ago. Or maybe Leto had looked upon him with love? Or Maia? It was one of them, for sure. He took her delicate hands, fingers unwomanly rough from the drawing of the bow, in his and led the beautiful girl deep into the forest. On a clearing, he undressed and showed to the girl his daughter’s womanly charms. To his great delight, Kallisto did away with her girlish chiton as well, standing before him in all her beauty. He pulled her fast to his full breasts and gave a fiery kiss to the virgin maiden. One hand held the girl close, the other explored her body, her delicious curves, her smooth, feminine skin, her soft hair, long and bound. Zeus' loins lusted for her, but if he went too quickly to the point, the maiden might suspect something. So he started rubbing her supple breasts, not as full as his daughter’s, but nice and firm and with small, stiff rosy buds. His caress elicited a gasp from the unchaste maiden and he licked down her delicate neck towards her bosoms, sucking on the little teats as if they were already full and heavy with milk.

“Oh, Artemis!” The girl exclaimed and Zeus felt his daughter’s body get even wetter between the thighs. How he had desired this woman, now ingenuous and at his fingertips. He smiled to himself, but Kallisto mistook it as a smile meant for her.

“Oh, Artemis, you are so beautiful when you smile for me!” She pulled the god’s head up with both hands and placed a kiss on his lips, followed by an eager tongue. She acted not like a virgin, but like an experienced lover, how she massaged his tongue and sucked on lips and soft flesh. Zeus picked her up, a lot harder in this body, but he still retained his divine strength. He bedded the girl on the soft mossy ground without breaking their kiss. The taste of her roused all his desires. Only with difficulty he restrained himself. The delicious white thighs, the perky breasts, the little cunt – in this moment, all of it was perfection made flesh. He smelled her arousal and his kisses became hungrier and more ferocious, his hands striving lower. His fingers played with the folds of her little cunt, getting drenched in her juices.

“Ah!” she moaned, her body responding to the purposeful touches.

Zeus left her mouth and went lower, engulfing her teats once again, sucking on them and twisting the little buds between his thumb and index finger. Her breasts were so young and soft, a dream come true. Zeus often lost interest in a maiden once he had taken her virginity and made her a mother, but some managed to keep his attention well into the pregnancy. Kallisto squirmed at his touches. He knew his daughter was not squeamish, she would use a rough hand on her lover as she did on other things as well. He licked and used his teeth to please her teats and make them even more erect than they were now. Kallisto moaned, more loudly this time.

“Ahhhhh… Artemis, you spoil me…”

“You deserve to be spoilt some of the times, sweet Kallisto. Now, let me see you little cunt. It’s dripping for me, I can tell. Show it to me.”

Kallisto giggled and spread her legs, lifting her tantalising arse to present her even more tantalising vulva. Zeus loved a sweet cunt more than was good for him. But he just couldn’t resist. He teased her swollen folds with a gentle hand and watched the girl writhing and squirming, making the delicious noises of lovemaking. He squatted between her legs and changed his genitals back into his male form. His cock was dripping and so hard, he could have split rocks with it. He touched her entrance, ready to push in.

“What are you doing?” Kallisto propped herself up, stealing curious glances towards her lover. “This is new!”

“It’s an olisbos.” Zeus lied. “It will give you unknown pleasure.”

“Artemis, I…”

“Shhhh. Let me guide you…”

Taken by Greek Gods: Zeus does Kallisto