Artist Spotlight: Tigress of Futan by April Garrus

I was thrown into the world of "Tigress of Futan" by beta reading the first installment for my friend and fellow erotica writer April Garrus. Some of you may recognise the name from the Erotic Myth Anthology we are in the process of publishing together.

April popped my cherry by providing the very first futanari erotica I've ever read. I'm neutral towards this kink, neither particularly drawn to it nor weirded out. But what pulled me in and prompted me to enthusiastically offer beta reads for all subsequent books is the story and the character of Zorah. And I'm pretty sure readers who come for the hot futa sex will stay for the characterisation and the thrill to find out what happens next.

I spoke to April about the series and you will find a hot preview as well as a give-away down below...

The first book in the "Tigress of Futan" series introduces the reader to a setting reminiscient of a Buddist temple or Shinto shrine. Do you take inspiration from mythology for your world-building?

I don’t think I’ve used anything from myth yet, though you can probably see the formation of a Joseph Campbell monomyth in these first stories. There may be mythic influences to come, but so far I’ve thought a lot more about philosophy than religion.

The ancient Greek deity Hermaphroditos is two-sexed and often depicted in a way that would be called "futanari" or "futa" in porn vernacular today. What do you think is the appeal of the genre that has fascinated readers since ancient times?

There are also historical roots for futanari in Japanese folk religion, where spirits may be depicted with both or ambiguous gender.

I’ve always looked at it as a, “best of both worlds,” scenario. A female body with the potential for organic penetrative sex offers something you can’t get from a hetero or female pairing. There’s plenty of Freudian baggage there too, I’m sure.

In ancient Greece, sex was very much entwined with power. The penetrative party was considered the active, dominant partner who exerted power over the submissive, receptive party (regardless of their gender). Do you think the fact that Zorah has a penis defines the power dynamic between her and her partners?

Power definitely is and will be a defining struggle for Zorah. Having it, getting it, losing it. Her character will have a lot of growth centered around power. Does that have anything to do with her having a penis? Probably. I don’t know that I would have written the series and the character the same if she were all female. Futas frequently get written as dominant alpha types, so I think that goes hand in hand with this theory. I want Zorah to be more three dimensional than these, but she will still be striving to be a dominant force.

What is your favourite thing about writing this series?

I enjoy creating new characters and seeing how they react with one another. I enjoy having the chance to show Zorah’s growth as a person step by step over a continuing series. And I enjoy writing a futa story that people respect.

Several times I’ve been told by a reader that they weren’t or aren’t into futanari, but they liked my book. That’s a great compliment, and I think it will do a lot to raise the sub-genre out of the “trashy” preconception people have of it. I like hearing that, and the good feedback is another of my favorite parts.

From secretive sex in a library to playing sex slave in a dingy pawn shop, "Tigress of Futan" offers a range of opportunities for sex. What kind of erotic situations do you enjoy writing the most?

I don’t have a favorite, really. I’ll like different situations on different days–it really just depends on how I’m feeling. But in any case, as in real life, it has to have an emotional root to be exciting. And those emotions drive what kind of scenario the characters will find themselves in, as with Mally in book one and Jül in book three. They’re all fun in their own way, but it has to mean something.

Do you have a favourite piece of art (painting, sculpture, text...)? In what way has it inspired you?

I’ve gushed a lot about Kentaro Miura's manga Berserk, but it really is that good. I want to make something that good. The series is all at once violent and in-your-face, and a slow burn character study dealing with philosophy and trauma. While I don’t use much of its content, the soul of the series inspires me for Tigress of Futan. I want to make something that shows the slow growth of characters over a long period of time, and I want to show how a person changes to adapt to what they have to do to survive. It’s raw, and real, and I love it.

What is your favourite myth? How do you think it influences your writing?

Not a myth exactly, but I love Beowulf. We read it in high school and I fell in love. I don’t know if I draw any direct inspiration, but the idea of fighting for glory and treasure is something relatable and fantastic. It also feeds my love of hyped up conflicts, such as when Beowulf delivers the line about he and Grendel being drawn together–and now he’s come. So the story is one part in the mosaic that is my adoration of the rising tensions.

I’ll also throw in some alliteration now and then. Chicks dig alliteration.

Who should read "Tigress of Futan"?

Everyone, because I want to get paid. Also, anyone who likes their erotica built character first and sex second. This series is more about character growth and world building than it is about raunchy fucking. There’s plenty of fucking, for sure, but it’s a product of the character relationships. We’re also in the early stages of what is sure to be a dramatic and tragic tale of one woman and her journey to find who she is. I’m sure your readers will appreciate tragedy.

Tragedies are very Greek indeed. Thank you, April ♥

April writes in a very different subgenre than I do, but if you like speculative erotica, give this series a shot!

And you can read the first book in the series for free if you are a paying member: download your copy below the preview!

Preview: Tigress of Futan I – Foundations of a Monster

“You really were lying,” Zorah laughed. “You haven’t come like that in a while.”

“It’s your fault,” Mally said, pouting. “I wouldn’t have gotten so worked up if you hadn’t teased me.”

“All part of the game.” Mally made to pick up her linens, and Zorah took her by the wrist. “You don’t think we’re done, do you?” She stood, her cock standing as well. “That wouldn’t be fair. Just look at me.”

Mally’s eyes glanced down, lingering on the other woman’s large member.

“I’m looking.”

“I know you are.” The kissed. “And I like it.”

She guided Mally’s wrist till she was turned around, hands on the tabletop. Zorah ran her palms down the girl’s body, stopping to feel her hips. She leaned in, smelling her hair as she pressed her cock against her ass. Reaching between her legs, Zorah held her open and guided her tip to Mally’s entrance.

“This is my favorite part,” she whispered.

Mally stiffened as Zorah’s cock touched her, purring as she felt the head pass between her ready lips, and moaning as her body swallowed the thick length. Zorah shivered as she was coated in her friend’s cum–taking long, slow strokes to cover her entirety before building pace and rhythm.

Mally’s inside clung to her, even as it pushed with her mounting climax. Zorah drove deep, resting her weight on the other woman and using her hips as leverage to drive harder. Soon the sound of their panting was rivaled by the sounds of wet skin, both growing as the intensity of the moment increased.

Zorah’s heart pounded as the pressure grew in her hips. Her balls ached for release, and she knew she was near. She felt Mally growing close as well, and gripped a breast as she drove herself harder. Panting into the other woman’s ear, she reached out, feeling her emotions as a vortex of intense, nervous pleasure.

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