Fiction: Freyja and Sif

When I did a Poll back in November, Norse mythology and Egyptian mythology shared second place. So I thought winter time was perfect to write some cosy Norse mythology erotica. The majority wanted to read Freya and Sif, so here you go :-D

Freyja and Sif

Sif was surprised when her servant told her there was someone at the door. The snow came down in gales and even the gods of Asgard, used to ice and freezing weather, preferred to stay at home on a night like this.

She got up from her loom and made her way to the door of her and Thor's palace, that was just as enormous as he was. Alas, he had gone away to Jötunheimr, like he so often did. Her bed was cold and on a night like this it seemed particularly frigid and lonely. Sif pulled her cloak tighter around her until she approached her visitor.

It would be hard to recognise anyone in their thick winter clothes, man or woman merely suggested by the height of the heavily cloaked figures. But Sif knew instantly who her visitor was. The falcon feathers on her cloak unambiguously revealed her as Freyja, goddess of love and war.

"Freyja! What lucky gale blew you to my door?"

She greeted her friend and kissed her welcome.

"I've been looking for my husband."

Freyja's face was hardly visible underneath her woolen hat, thick feather cloak and fur-lined mittens.

"In this ghastly weather?!" Sif shook her head. Freyja was wet to the bone. Óðr, her husband, often went away travelling, leaving Freyja crying golden tears all alone. Thor went away too, bringing thunder and fighting jotuns. But he was never away for long. "Come, dear friend, let's get you out of these wet clothes and warm you up by the fire!"

Sif ordered her servants to take off Freyja's snowy falcon cloak and boots and led her to the great hall where a warm fire was burning. Sif pulled the mittens from Freyja's clammy hands and the woolen cap from her thick, wet hair.

"Thank you for welcoming me, Sif." the love goddess said. "I just... I just can't stand being alone right now. You are a true friend."

"You are always welcome in my home!" Sif kissed her cold skin. Snowflakes slowly began melting in her friend's long red hair. "You need to warm up, Freyja! Inge, bring us some warm mead and blankets."

Sif's servant nodded and scurried away.

"We need to get you out of these clothes."

"You seem quite determined."

Freyja's eyes gleamed. The goddess of the harvest opened the golden oval brooches that held up her friend's beautiful dark green overdress. She put them away and got rid of the soaked garment. The second layer was a fiery red dress, equally soggy. Sif pulled the heavy fabric over Freyja's head, tossing it away. Now the only piece of clothing left was the linen undergarment. Even this one was wet and it clung to the goddess' body. Sif could even see her nipples poking against the cloth, stiff from the cold. She opened the fibula that held the dress together at the neck and removed the drenched, cream-coloured linen. Freyja now stood before her in nothing but her woolen stockings.

Sif's cheeks blushed slightly as she took in Freyja's beautiful feminine shape. Her firm breasts were neither small nor particularily big. They looked just right on her hardened body, fit for a warrior. Freyja combined the fierceness of battle with the softness of first love. Sif was completely in awe. She had never looked at another woman this way. Freyja's beauty stirred something in her, especially the sensual movement with which the goddess took off her wet stockings.

They hung them by the fire and sat down on the warm bearskin rug in front of it. Inge brought the warm mead Sif had ordered and the blankets. Sif wrapped her friend tenderly in the cosy cloth, feeling every little rise and fall of her body even through the fabric. She kept her arms slung about the goddess of love, rubbing gently to warm her up. At least that's what Sif kept telling herself.

"Why don't you come join me underneath the blanket? Warm me with your body heat..."

Freyja's voice was low, with a seductive edge to it.

"I wouldn't have you freeze and shiver."

Sif crawled to Freyja's side and the love goddess slung one edge of the woolen blanket around her shoulders. Her body felt cold as a block of ice. How long had she been searching, soaked to the bone and freezing? Were she a mortal woman, no doubt she would find herself at Helheimr's gate soon enough!

Sif embraced her fiercely, pressing her warm body against her friend, trying to touch as much of her as she could. She felt her muscular thighs, the firmness of her breasts, the strength of her arms. The heartbeat of a woman determined to travel to the ends of the world. She admired her greatly.

"You are amazing." she whispered against Freyja's thick red hair.

"You don't realise how amazing you are." Freyja's grey eyes were soft as she pressed a tender kiss on Sif's lips. The golden-haired goddess felt her stomach flutter. This was different from any other kiss they had shared in the past. It was full of longing and desire. She responded in kind, kissing back wildly. Her arms pulled the other woman into a tight embrace. Freyja's chilly hands ran over Sif's white shoulders, grazing the soft skin on her back and turning her skin into gooseflesh. The love goddess probed her friend's lips with soft flicks of her tongue and Sif opened her mouth, inviting her in. Freyja was a force of nature, like the snow storm outside. Sif felt utterly defenseless against her - she would surrender happily. Her cunt was getting slippery from Freyja's touch, her scent and the aggressive licks of her tongue. Freyja smelled of Spring, of the wild, untamed outdoors and the meadows where young couples made love. Sif would love nothing more than rolling around the green grass with Freyja herself. Her desire felt close to overpowering her. The love goddess caressed her arse cheeks, close, too close to her opening.

"May I touch the treasure you hold between your thighs?"


Sif surprised herself with the loud moan from her own throat when Freyja entered her wet, warm womanhood. Her fingers teased and rubbed at her walls before she turned towards the pearl atop her opened conch.

"Oh Freyja!" she cried when the other goddess tugged at its little hood.

"Neither of our beds will be cold tonight!" Freyja looked at her with a sudden fire in her eyes. Desire gleamed there, defiance and determination. She intensified her caress and Sif couldn't help but moan and squirm at her touch. Longing, to give something back, she closed both hands around the breasts of her unexpected lover and massaged them gently. Freyja pushed heavily against her, sweeping her up in another hungry kiss. Sif forgot everything around her, the tender caress of her friend filling her whole world at this point. Her dripping cunt clenched around Freyja's fingers and she shuddered at the soft stimulation of her pearl. She cried out loudly as the love goddess gave her a climax so powerful, she felt as if the storm had blown away the house over their heads!

She panted heavily, but Freyja wasn't done. She gently pushed her onto the soft bearskin and ran her hand along her friend's white thighs. Then Freyja's face disappeared between her legs and Sif made a sound of surprise when she felt the woman's tongue against her thick, swollen lips.

"Oh Freyja!" she cried again.

The soft licks gave her pure bliss and she shook with another climax after only few short moments. Freyja worked her relentlessly and Sif was pushed from one orgasmic high into the next, until her body was too overwhelmed with pleasure and she pleaded for the love goddess to stop.

As she sat up, she saw the red on Freyja's cheeks, the warm, flushed skin and lively colour returned to her friend's body. It radiated heat, the only traces of her former frozen state the wet hair where the snowflakes had melted.

Sif herself was feeling hot and sweaty and the freezing world outside seemed nothing more than a myth at this moment.

"Come on, sweet friend," she said, "Let's go to bed, shall we? I promise you I shall return the favour."

Freyja gave her a look that would have drenched her cunt, were she not soaking wet already.

"What are we waiting for, then?"


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