WIP: Aphrodite / Freyja

Inspired by Linda's comment about the tie in our last fiction poll, Freyja and Aphrodite meet in a temple beyond the Alps...

Illustrated Fiction: Seiðr's Block (Freyja / Völva)

The völva Heiði has trouble looking into the future. Praying to Freyja for help, she never expected such a hands-on approach by the Mistress of Magic...

Fiction: Seiðr's Block (Freyja / Völva)

Can Freyja help her devotee, the völva Heidi, to unblock her gift of prophecy?

Fiction: Freyja and Sif

Sif is sitting all alone at her loom, a snow storm raging outside, when a lucky gale blows Freyja to her doorstep.