Artist Spotlight: Greek Mythology FanFiction – Dionysos

As many people have, so I too learned a lot writing fanfiction. My first attempts were as horrible as all those written by young teenagers, but as I got older and wiser (*cough*) some of it ended up being quite enjoyable if I dare say so myself. If you can keep a secret: I even plagiarise my old erotic fanfiction sometimes.
But I have never written mythology fanfiction - unless you count my free erotica as such.

Today, I want to share my favourite Dionysos fanfiction with you. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of wine and make a toast to the God of Wine and Pleasure!

Fair warning: Most of these stories are actually quite harmless in terms of erotic content.

The title image shows Dionysos as drawn by Italian artist Fedini.

10 Bowls of Wine by Cori Lannam

Synopsis: Herakles and Dionysos engage in a drinking contest. One of them is bound to regret it.

Why I rec it: What I love about this story is the way Dionysos is written. He is playful and friendly, but there are also moments when his darker, dangerous nature shines through. The story is based on one of several art works from antiquity depicting said contest and I think the toasts are based on the Deipnosophistae by Athenaeus.

I also very much enjoy the vivid imagery and I confess I was heavily influenced by this story when I described Dionysos' dress in 'Apollo and Dionysos - Opposites Attract'.

Favourite quote:
"A second toast, then," Dionysos said, accepting the second bowl from the serving boy and giving a caress in exchange. "To love, which guides our souls, and lust, which guides the rest of us."

Read the fanfic here!

Iakkos and Kallipygos by Alder_Knight

Synopsis: Aphrodite and Dionysos invent the strap-on.

Why I rec it: First of all, the idea to have Aphrodite and Dionysos invent the strap-on by combining existing myths is genius and super fun! I have been told strap-ons were already around and happily used in ancient Greece, so this is a beautiful way of 'explaining' the invention. I also like the way Aphrodite and Dionysos interact with one another. They seem to have a kind of 'friends with benefits' style relationship, which I love.

The story is surprisingly tame, considering the subject matter! Which is why I mean to write a very explicit version of Aphrodite and Dionysos inventing the strap-on - possibly as an add-on to 'Aphrodite's Boy Toy' or its sequel.

Favourite quote:
It would not have been their first tryst, nor was it by far their last, but there came a pleasant afternoon when, deep in their cups, the affectionate pair spoke of each of these special apparatus - the wooden phallos, the leather belt.

Read the fanfic here!

Ariadne has Trust Issues by Transposable_Element

Synopsis: A modern retelling of Dionysos and Ariadne's first meeting in chat form.

Why I rec it: Yes, I thought this would be stupid too when I first saw it. But I clicked on it anyway and damn did I end up enjoying it!

It's a well-done transformation of the story into the modern world and with chat lingo no less!

Dionysos is definitely lying about not being into princes, though...

Favourite quote:

ur a HOT princes!
haha i'm not into princes, usually. just a typo. :-)


i would totally give up princes for you. :-) :-) :-)


is it about the princes?

Read the fanfic here!

The Golden Thread by Mlle Shiow Jen

Synopsis: A retelling of Ariadne's story

Why I rec it: I read this story at about the same time I wrote 'Dionysos and Aura', the very first book in the 'Taken by Greek Gods' series. The story is based in parts on the Dionysiaca too, and also features the Aura episode I was retelling, though much, much briefer.

What I enjoyed about the story is the theme of fate and the ill even the favour of the gods can bring about. I also liked the depiction of Dionysos' and Ariadne's relationship, which is in large parts quite rocky. I like complicated relationships more than perfectly romantic ones. This is probably the reason this story spoke to me more than all the other Ariadne/Dionysos fics that are way more romantic. I guess I'm a cynic that way.

Favourite quote:
Beware the gods that would favour you.

Read the fanfic here!

Aiodos by silverr

Synopsis: Dionysos and Apollon disagree about many things - the true nature and ultimate fate of music being one of them:

"The centuries will bear out that I and my music are superior," Apollo said.
"Oh?" Dionysus folded his arms. "Would you care to make a wager?"

Why I rec it: This story inspired me heavily when I wrote the relationship between Apollon and Dionysos in 'Apollon and Dionysos - Opposites Attract'. Apollon is so delightfully aloof and cold-hearted in this story, the perfect foil to Dionysos. The author clearly did his or her research, cites sources and, to my endless joy, uses footnotes!

Also, the author pointed me to '10 Bowls of Wine', which is a plus, because that story also became one of my favourites.

Favourite quote:
"And what of it? Possessing things of no value - even a countless number of them - does not constitute wealth."

"I had forgotten you were a mathematician," Dionysus murmured. "Still, weigh well whether all I possess is worthless, Phoebus of the Shining Brow. Lovers come to my bed willingly - and stay there. I have no need pay bribes or punish them for unfaithfulness. Do you know why?"

Apollo scowled slightly.

"The truth is in your music as well as your countenance: you offer light without warmth. Lovers flee from you because they know you touch the kithara's strings the way that you would touch them. Detached, passionless."

Read the fanfic here!

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