FlashFill Friday: Persephone dominates Hades

By popular vote this week's #FlashFillFriday will be about Persephone dominating Hades – she makes the King of the Underworld her little bitch!

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Queen of Hades

"Here we are." Hermes stepped aside and before them lay the familiar gray shores of Acheron. Shades of the dead waited there for Charon, the ferryman who would take any wandering soul across the waters if they could offer an obolos in exchange to proove they had received a proper burial.

"Thank you, Hermes." Persephone gave the messenger a kiss on the cheek. He was a loyal, capable partner to Hades and herself. He was always on time to travel between the realms, to bring her up for the promise of Spring and take her down to Hades again when summer would come to an end. She shivered and pulled her cloak closer around herself. She had forgotten how cold it was down here compared to the world of the mortals.

They took Charon's ferry across the Acheron and Hermes accompagnied her to the House of Hades, the mighty palace that would be her home for the next half of the year. Hermes gave her one of his charming smiles as Aiakos opened the door for them.

"I suppose you will be quite busy tonight." Hermes whispered against her auricle. "Six months is a long time."

"That, dear brother, is none of your business." Persephone pushed him away, gently but firmly.

They entered the throne room where Hades sat on his mighty seat of black marble. The throne next to him - her throne - was covered with a white shroud.

"I welcome you, my wife." Hades said in his sepulchral voice as Aiakos was removing the shroud. "And I thank you, Hermes, for bringing her to me unharmed and on time."

Hermes bowed his head.

"Always, uncle."

"You are dismissed."

Hermes nodded sharply and his winged sandals launched his feet off the ground. Within the draw of a breath he was gone.

Hades rose from the marble throne and came to his wife who was still standing in front of him. He cupped her cheek and breathed a kiss upon her brow.

"I have missed you." he said quietly.

"And I have missed you." Persephone took off her cloak and spread it over her throne. "Shall we beginn? I have waited six months for this!"

A smile crept on Hades' face.

"As you wish, my queen."

"Take off your garment." Persephone's voice had taken on an uncompromising quality. Her green eyes gleamed dangerously. Hades hurried to obey. On his pale naked body, the poppy winding around his cock became visible. Persephone loosened it with a simple gesture. She, likewise, did away with her colourful peplum dress, exposing her full breasts that she knew he liked so much.

"Take your place."

He cowered at her feet, stroking a hand up her tan thigh. She hit his hand and he recoiled.

"Did I allow touching?"

"No, my queen."

Persephone summoned an osier stake to her hand.

"Bend over, husband."

He did as he was told, presenting her his bare backside. Persephone smacked down on his arse with medium intensity.

"You will now kiss my feet and enjoy it."

Hades gave her the sweetest smile and picked up her naked foot. She had walked the whole way from her mother's house to his palace barefoot. Hades didn't seem to mind, no, he seemed to enjoy it. He licked the dirt and earth from her soles, cleaned every spray of mud from her little toes.

"You did well." she said finally. "I will let you smell my womanhood."

She sat down on the cloak on her marble throne and spread her legs for him to see. He crept between her thighs, pressing his nose against her flowering vulva.

"Now tell me how much you want it and I may let you pleasure me with your mouth."

Hades looked up at her from his place between her feet, his dark eyes full of admiration, love and lust. Persephone knew he had been waiting for her just as much as she longed for him while she was up in the mortal world.

"I would drink the foul waters of Styx, swim through the fires of Phlegethon and attend a gathering on Olympos just to get a taste of you."

Persephone smiled. She was pleased.

"Plunge your tongue into my depths instead of the vile waters of Styx," she said, "And save your breath for me instead of speaking with our kin. Lie down and receive your queen."

Hades spread out on the cold marble floor, offering his body to her. He was pale, but of strong build like his brothers, his dark beard tickling her lightly when she sat down on his face. His tongue lapped immediately against her folds and Persephone moaned softly. How she had missed this! She observed his erection, the dark skin of his cock pining beneath a tuft of full black hair. She didn't touch it, though she wanted to. The tender caress of his tongue made her cry out, and she heard the echo in the great stone hall, arousing her even further. She rode his face hard and clenched his head between her thighs as she came.

"To the bedroom. You have to perform your conjugal duties, husband."

Persephone picked up her cloak and slung it around Hades' neck, tugging him along after her. She pushed him down on his back and straddled his chest.

"Do you want to fuck me?"

"Yes, by Styx and wide Ouranos, yes!"

"I'd wager there are many gods who would like to sink themselves into my cunt. Powerful Zeus, swift Hermes, bright Apollon... Why should I give it to you, sweet husband?"

"Because you are my queen and I will serve you forever. I lay my kingdom to your feet, as I knelt before you in the throne room. You are just one of countless conquests to my brother, a quick diversion for Hermes, a doomed love of Apollon. What we have is eternal. I put your pleasure first, this day and for all days."

Persephone stroked his dark hair and felt pleased with him. He had learned a lot since they got together. A young maiden he tried to impress with displays of power when his submission to her was all that she wanted from him, really.

"I'm not sure I feel like having sex today. The trip was quite tiresome and you know how much Hermes talks along the way. I feel exhausted."

His sweet pleas were music in her ears.

"No, Persephone, I beg you! Please, don't deny me this simple pleasure as your husband! I have waited six long months, I can't take another night without your cunt! I can't! Is this Tartaros or why are you punishing me so? Whip me, bite me, bleed me out, but please, don't deny me your sweet embrace!"

"You will wear a crown of flowers tomorrow as a sign of my claim. Then I will consider it."

"Yes! I'll wear nothing but the flower crown if only you let me join in love with you, my sweet, sweet wife!"

"Alright." Persephone got up. "Wait and be ready for me when I return."

She left the bedroom, greeting all of her plants that she had brought to the underworld over the centuries. They were in the palace and in the garden and on Elysion, the Island of the Blessed. It was torture for her almost as much as it was for him. Only, she was the one to decide when it was over.

When Persephone returned, Hades still waited where she'd left him, his glorious member just as hard and dripping and ready for her as she'd ordered him.

"Well done. Now give me pleasure. And remember: you don't come until I allow you to."

"That goes without saying, my queen."

Persephone made herself comfortable on their soft marriage bed while he positioned himself between her legs. On her command he entered her, pushing his slick hard cock into her equally soaked opening. Hades kissed her lips, her cheeks, her breasts, her belly with the same admiration he showed back in the throne room. Persephone sighed happily, watching her husband's strong thrusts fueled by the infernal fire in his loins. She came and he almost came too, but she had forbidden it, so he clenched his teeth and waited a short moment. Persephone made him give her three orgasms before she allowed him to spill. When he finally did, he collapsed beside her and Persephone took him into her arms.

"Thank you, my love." She breathed a soft kiss on his panting lips. "I wouldn't leave you for the sky and the sea and the mortal world combined."

Hades kissed her back and stroked her broad hips.

"We both know you need the mortal world as well as the underworld to be truly happy. I wouldn't take it away from you, not even to gain the months with you that are now lost to me."

"I love you, Hades."

"And I love you, my queen."


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