Fiction Prompt Wishlist

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Any patron can make a wish (or two or three) but only patrons of Hot Heroine / Hot Hero level or higher get to vote on the prompts I write every month. I usually select four options from this list for each monthly poll.

I will pick from this pool as long as there are enough requests on here, so keep them coming :-)

Greek Mythology

Zeus (as the swan) / Leda

Arachne / any

Ariadne / Dionysos

Eros / Psyche

Hermes or any other uses the portmanteau "maintoned" (maintain + toned)

Apollon / Hermes in modern times

Something MM or MMF in a Roman bath or Turkish sauna

Pan / Echo

Aimée meets a Greek god

Apollon's servants have jealous revenge sex with Medos because he is the only one of them who gets to be fucked by their most beautiful master

Atalanta / Hippomenes: She is hesitant to submit to her father's wish to marry, not to maintain virginity, but because she has grown up in the woods and is used to the ferocious ravishment of satyrs and nymphs and creatures of the wild. She agrees to marry Hippomenes, but prays to Aphrodite to change them both into lions because she misses the roughness of her woodland lovemaking.

Pasiphaë and the White Bull

Narcissus masturbates to his own reflection

Amphitrite / Theseus: the hero needs to make his step-mum happy if he wants that ring...

Pleione / Atlas while he holds up the sky (the 7 Pleiades are their daughters)

Aphrodite, Demeter, and Dionysos: they always have a threesome at their meetings

Hebe and Ganymedes in the wine cellar

Orpheus seduces (a) husband(s) away from his/their wives.

Triton / Theseus, the god helps his half-brother out

Pan/Three Nymphs, he plays his pan pipes for them, they play with his Pan pipe for him. Tit-fucking, blowjobs, double blowjobs, digital penetration, and oral. Dryad grows a wooden phallus to fuck Pan.

Artemis / Sipirotes (the youth she turned into a girl)

Thanatos just wants to cuddle but gets femdommed by the Keres

Penelope / female servants: she takes comfort in any female companions she has, as a way to relieve frustration over the asshole suitors


Aphrodite / Eos

Artemis / Selene

Hypnos & Thanatos masturbate together

Poseidon / monster!Medusa in a meadow (the consensual version)

Apollon and Ourania - Ourania takes Apollon out at night to witness the predicted return of a comet, and they make the most out of the romantic setting

Odysseus x Diomedes x Penelope MMF threesome

Romantic Orion x Artemis

Hera finds a way to bind Zeus and makes him watch her masturbate: "THIS is how you do it. My hand is better than your unfaithful cock!"

In ancient Greece, unmarried dead girls became a "bride of Hades". What this dead girl didn't know: when she arrives in the underworld, the god is consummating the marriage...

Dionysos / Pentheus, Dionysos saying women's rights, sexual vibes all around, a douchebag being torn limb from limb, Pentheus being ridden by FemmeDionysus, and then Dionysus transforms into a male form, still riding Pentheus, and then...

Stupid sexy Bacchus seducing Hera

Perseus and Dionysos are competing to be the “elder brother” in a threesome with Hermes

Dionysos / Midas Drunk Night Stand, the god instructs him to leave golden phallus untouched

Chiron / Aeneas, gay awakening

Eros / Psyche, blindfolding

Lesbian Automatons: the "golden maidens" of Hephaistos get up to some machine loving when he's not there

Modern version of Tireisias and his sex changes as transition, then de-transition

Egyptian Mythology

Amun / Ahmose, the conception of Hatshepsut

Amun / God's Wife of Amun, the highest-ranking priestess of the Amun cult

Hatshepsut / her royal steward Senemut

Anubis / Anput, knife play

Seth / Horus

Pharao Neferkare / his general Sasenet

Set x Ra: After fighting and defeating Apep they “celebrate” their victory with “thank goodness we’re alive sex”

Norse Mythology


To Be Fulfilled

Persephone / Hermes / Dionysos, bisexual threesome  PART II, illustration by Sinita

February 💕

Hermaphroditos / any

Aphrodite / Demeter

Nyx / Ourania, the Muse of Astronomy has a fascination with the Goddess of Night

Fulfilled Requests (A-Z)

Amphitrite / Hera: Hera and Amphitrite complain to each other about their husbands and things get heated

Amphitrite pegs Poseidon while he fucks Nerites, making sure he satisfies her little brother well, illustration by Amanda Freitas

Amphitrite / Selene, illustration by Amanda Freitas

An Egyptian chemist in ancient Alexandria has an affair with her promising female student (F/F), illustration by Linda Sejic

Aphrodite curses Hermes to feel all the rubs his mortal worshippers give to the herms in their houses and on the road, illustration by Rocoky

Aphrodite has fun with Paris and Helen as she delivers her to him

Aphrodite / Hermes: Aphrodite agrees to sex with him in exchange for her golden sandal but dommes the hell out of Hermes, illustration by Arja of The Last Bacchae

Aphrodite / Nerites: Young Aphrodite and her first lover Nerites

Aphrodite shows Artemis her new invention: the strap-on

Apollon / Helenos: After being rejected by Kassandra, Apollon seduces her brother Helenos and they get so horny Apollon ends up doing Helenos over the altar in his temple. Illustrated by Amanda Freitas

Apollon and Hermes share princess Chione, daughter of Daidalion, illustration by Rocoky

Ares / Alektryon, armour removal after battle leads to more, illustration by Amanda Freitas

Artemis / Euterpe: Artemis visits her twin brother and is seduced by the Muse Euterpe (guest post by Cephalon Slut)

Artemis gets together with Kyrene after Apollon broke up with her

Artemis / Terpsichore / Apollon threesome: Artemis & Apollon seduce the Muse in tandem

Atalante / Medea: along one of their island-of-the-week stops the ladies either pair off and explore, or stay on the ship while the dudes are off being manly somewhere, illustration by The Last Bacchae

Athena / Nike, asexual romance

Demeter / Dionysos, erotic teacher / student relationship

Demeter / dryad of her sacred grove, illustration by Sinita

Demeter / farm boy OC: Demeter goes crazy because she's dry: Demeter gets cranky during the winter, she’s suffering through S.A.D, and a brave farm boy blasts her tight hole. Illustration by Sinita.

Dionysos / Hermes: Dionysos decides to MAKE Hermes lie still and do as told, illustration by Sinita

Dionysos / Hermes: Dionysos uses his control over vines to make a vine cock ring

Dionysos / Pirates: Tyrrhenian pirates tie Dionysos up in harsh bondage but he enjoys it

Dionysos with a big, strong Valkyrie

Domme!Demeter puts bratty Minthe in her place

Hebe / Psyche

Hekate / Persephone, illustration by Amanda Freitas

Helios seduces Nerites, attempting to steal him from Poseidon, illustration by Sinita

Hephaistos / Dionysos, Dionysos is his first time, illustration by Amanda Freitas

Hera / Aphrodite: The Goddess of Love helps the Queen with some sexy jewellery..., illustration by Sinita

Hera / Iris, sleeping with the boss, illustration by Sinita

Hera/Ganymede, either with Hera with a penis topping Ganymede missionary style with her on top, or with Ganymede inside Hera with her domming from the bottom in missionary.  Either way, it's very much Hera dominating Ganymede to show him who's boss, at first just to spite Zeus but then realizing how deeply she's attracted to him, and with Ganymede being a little scared but a lot aroused!  Also, bonus points if a bit with the breeding kink! Illustrated by Arja.

Hera / Maia (Hermes' mum), Hermes doesn't get his wiles from Zeus...

Hermes / Apollon: Hermes invents wrestling to hit on Apollon

Hermes / Freyr: Free minded Freyr asks for Hermes' help and advice about fertility magic, illustration by The Last Bacchae

Hermes masturbates using his caduceus staff, illustrated by Sinita

Ikaros / Phaëthon: Falling for the Son, illustration by The Last Bacchae
(On the fateful day Ikaros takes flight it's not Helios but his son Phaethon driving the sun chariot. Ikaros sees the sun veer off course and flies after it with his wings, landing beside Phaethon as the chariot dives too close to earth. Together they succeed in reining in the horses and arrive safely in the West where Helios waits, worried sick for his son.)

Isis and Nephtys have fun with the phallus Isis created for Osiris after his dismemberment, illustration by The Last Bacchae

Loki / any: Loki and Thor

Pandora: Peitho / Pandora

Penelope (Odysseus' wife) / Circe: instead of marrying Telegonos (Circe's son by Odysseus according to the Telegony), Penelope goes for his hot mum, illustration by Amanda Freitas

Persephone / Adonis with Hades watching

Persephone / Hermes / Dionysos, bisexual threesome

Persephone / one of the nymphs in Hades (like Styx or Lethe), illustration by Martina

Poseidon / Nerites: Poseidon takes Nerites as a lover after Aphrodite left for Olympos

Pygmalia and her statue coming to life (F/F), illustration by Arja of The Last Bacchae

Pyramus / Thisbe: loving whispers weren't the only things to pass through that hole in the wall...

Something with Medusa, illustrated by Sinita

Valkyrie / female Einheri, a fallen warrior she chose for Valhalla, illustrated by Amanda Freitas

Zeus / Hera: How Zeus and Hera met / married