Birds of Greek Mythology

It's #NationalBirdDay so I want to talk about birds in Greek mythology.

Mythology Monday: The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World

Originally a sight-seeing guide, ancient travellers listed the marvels they encountered on their trips. Meet the most popular sights of the ancient Mediterranean here!

Ancient Culture Today: The Days of the Week

In ancient Greece, each day was named for a planet.

Menstruation in the Ancient World

Menstruation is surrounded by myths even to this day. And usually not the fun kind. Today, I want to take a look at the ancient world and how women back then dealt with their monthly bleeding.

Ancient Erotica: Sexual Curse Tablets

The first time I ever heard about curse tablets was

Words and Sexual Terms from Greek Mythology

There are quite a few sayings and words derived from

Ancient Erotica: Sex Jokes

People in the ancient world enjoyed a good laugh just as much as we do today. There were joke books in ancient Greece, jokes immortalised on papyrus from ancient Egypt and the oldest joke in the world was written on Sumerian stone tablets. A collection of ancient sex jokes well over 1000 years old.