Safe Menstrual Cycle Tracking Apps

Don't store the very personal data collected in period tracking and fertility apps on someone else's computer, aka "the cloud".

Mythology Monday: Work

The Greek Gods of Work: find out who watches over which kinds of tasks.

Mythology Monday: Gods of Healing

The most powerful god of healing is Apollon. But there are other deities who share his gift.

Mythology Monday: Iphis and Ianthe

Iphis and Ianthe is one of very few stories from the Graeco-Roman world addressing same sex love between women. Find out what it's all about!

Mastodon for Creators

Dear fellow creators, this article is for you. For us creators who need to reach our audience to make a living. Here's how to get you started!

Same Sex Love in Ancient Literature Quotes

For Pride Month: A collection of quotes from ancient works that unambiguously talk about romantic or erotic attraction to the same sex.

Sex Change in Greek Mythology

Find out which Greek and Roman myths feature sex change!

Artist Spotlight: The Life and Works of Sappho

Very little is known about Sappho's life and of her body of work only a few hundred lines with one or two complete poems survive. And yet her beautiful poetry captivates readers even 2500 years after her death.

Mythology Monday: The Ancient Origins of Easter

This article is an exploration of the ancient origins of Easter customs and the mythology surrounding them.

Mythology Monday: Divine Marriages

My #MythologyMonday thread on divine marriages in easy-to-read article form.