Aimée Maroux

Aimée Maroux

I read and write mythology porn stories 🌹

Fiction: Artemis and the Huntress

A maiden huntress stumbles upon Artemis bathing. Will this encounter end differently than for Aktaion? Or will she be torn to pieces?

Fiction: All By Myself (Hades)

Hades masturbates.

Safe Menstrual Cycle Tracking Apps

Don't store the very personal data collected in period tracking and fertility apps on someone else's computer, aka "the cloud".

WIP Draft: Aphrodite's Curse - Apollon defiles his Priestess

One of the priestesses of Apollo at Delphi is overcome by a vision of herself dancing in an open field. Apollon is watching and, overcome with lust upon seeing the young woman, he transports himself to the field and takes her by force.

Fiction: Hermes/Hekate (M/F)

"Hekate, who as legend tells, by the waters of Boebeis laid her virgin body at Hermes' side."

Interview: Tigress of Futan

I spoke to April Garrus about the series Tigress of Futan and you will find a hot preview below the interview!

Fiction: Hermes & Charon: Treasure Hunters

This is the Charmes fanfic I wrote for the Beach Episode fanzine.

Kinktober 2023

I am once again attempting 31 Kinktober shorts. This time combined with ClassicsTober prompts for an extra challenge.

Fiction: Demeter Puts Bratty Minthe in Her Place

Minthe made the mistake of bad-mouthing Persephone. Now Mama Demeter is gonna crush her like a weed. One orgasm at a time.

Announcement: Cover Art by The Last Bacchae

I gave myself a birthday present: the creators of the comic "The Last Bacchae", will make the cover srt for my upcoming book!