Aimée Maroux

Aimée Maroux

I read and write mythology porn stories 🌹

Fiction: Seiðr's Block (Freyja / Völva)

Can Freyja help her devotee, the völva Heidi, to unblock her gift of prophecy?

Fiction: Undersexed (M/F)

Rachel hasn't had sex for weeks. When an intruder arrives, she makes him take her to finally get her rocks off.

Poll: Fiction in April

Vote for your favourite fiction prompt that you want me to write in April.

Why Mastodon is our Best Chance as Adult Content Creators

A lesson from Tumblr, Patreon, and OnlyFans: you WILL be kicked to the curb if you create adult content. It's only a matter of time. But how is Mastodon different?

Fiction: Release (Ares / Thanatos)

Sisyphos bound Thanatos (Death) fast, so that men ceased to die, until Ares came to the rescue.

Mythology Monday: Asklepios

Today, I'm telling you the story of Asklepios and his staff, the symbol of medicine.

Artist Spotlight: Tigress of Futan by April Garrus

Come for the hot futa sex, stay for the characterisation and the thrill to find out what happens next.

Yule – For a Good Year and Peace

What is Yule and is Odin the real Santa Claus?

Fiction: Seduced by the Cougar Upstairs

20-something Shane is obsessed with the older woman in the flat above him. When she breaks up with her partner, he helps in more ways than one...

FanFiction: Fruits of Love (Ares / Aphrodite, Hades Game)

Ares and Aphrodite have a hot little tryst while their kids are out of the house.