New Release: Ares and Hephaistos: From Husband to Wife – Gender Swapped and taken by her Lover

New Release: Ares and Hephaistos: From Husband to Wife – Gender Swapped and taken by her Lover
Taken by the Greeks Gods: From Husband to Wife Genderswapped and taken by her Lover

Dear beautiful Reader,

I'm happy to announce that Taken by Greek Gods: Ares and Hephaistos is now available for Kindle on Amazon!

The story features Hephaistos, husband of love goddess Aphrodite, who gets his hands on a magic potion to swap bodies with his wife for a night.

Too bad Aphrodite's lover Ares shows up unexpectedly for a tryst and he isn't taking no for an answer!

So Hephaistos doesn't only find out about his wife's affair, he is stuck in her body and about to be taken by her lover...

If you love Greek mythology and enjoy dub-con and gender or body swap, this is the book for you!

Get your copy today!


Aimée Maroux

P.S.: Taken by Greek Gods: Ares and Hephaistos is the third part of the series "Taken by the Greek Gods": check out the other parts of the series!

"I've had it with your whining, my love!" He ripped the dress clean off Aphrodite's voluptous body. "I don't give a fuck whose bed this is as long as you are on it. Now be quiet and enjoy our time together. Or do I need to shut your mouth?"

He grinned and straightened up, bringing his cock up to the same level as his lover's face.
Hephaistos stared. He had seen his brother naked before, despite not growing up on Mount Olympos, but he had never seen him erect. He was huge. At least a spithame (23 cm / 9'') in length, straight as an arrow, with a beautifully shaped pink crown that was peeking through the dark foreskin. He shouldn't be surprised. An oversized prick was in accordance with the war god's barbaric, brutish nature. Aphrodite surely laughed at such a monstrosity, reminiscient more of a passion-driven satyr than a rational thinking god. Ares seemed to expect him to touch his ridiculously large cock in some way, though, because he remained in this position and looked at him expectantly.

"I'm sorry, I'm not in the mood." Hephaistos said. This was surely convincing, because he had heard Aphrodite speak those same words to him a thousand times. But instead of being disappointed, Ares just smiled.


He pushed him down into the cushions.

"I will serve you tonight, then." He leaned forward and whispered in a husky voice: "You know, the thought that you are carrying my child is making me really ruttish."

Hephaistos blushed, despite himself. The close body contact and the war god's sultry voice... He could feel Ares' cock twitching against his belly and see the burning desire hot in his lust-filled eyes. The impassioned god kissed his big round breasts, capturing one rosy peak with his lips and ran his wet tongue over those sensitive buds over and over again. Hephaistos' breath hitched. Why was that fucking brute so good at a delicate task like this? Ares was cupping both of his ample bosoms now, kneading them with a skill that Hephaistos would have admired, were he not so angry. He gasped when the war god sucked on the teat, squeezing the other breast firmly as if milking him like a cow. Hephaistos felt so humiliated, but at the same time this body seemed to really enjoy this abuse of its breasts. Ares switched sides, suckling on the other teat and Hephaistos' stomach fluttered. Hopefully not because he was really pregnant! That thought instantly killed all desire he may or may not have felt at the caress. Ares seemed to notice, because he stopped massaging his breast and placed a trail of kisses down towards his... right, he had a cunny now. Two strong hands trailed down the smooth skin of his thighs. The enormous erection rubbed against them, moist with precum.

"No, wait..."

"I won't wait any longer, my love. You know it's been a while."

Ares and Hephaistos: From Husband to Wife - Gender Swapped and taken by her Lover