Artist Spotlight: My favourite seductive Medusa Drawings

Medusa, the horrifying monster with snakes for hair, the woman that can turn you to stone just by looking at her – she should be a hiddeous nightmare. Yet depictions of Medusa as a seductive monster go back to antiquity. As the Classical period flourished during the 5th and 4th centuries BCE, artistic representations of Medusa began to change from grotesque to gorgeous. She can be considered a very early version of the femme fatale trope, made famous by film noir in the 1940s.

Ovid, therefore, wrote a backstory for her in his Metamorphoses, originally published around the year 8 CE. In his version of the myth, Medusa hadn’t always been a monster. She had been a woman of far-famed beauty who attracted the amorous attention of Poseidon, God of the Sea. He raped her in Athena’s temple and the virgin goddess punished poor Medusa by transforming her hair into writhing snakes. You can read my erotic retelling of this myth in "Taken by Greek Gods: Poseidon and Medusa" – get your copy here!

"Medusa's Revenge" is a short sequel taking place after her transformation, available for free on this blog!

Number 10

Medusa I by AbigailLarson on DeviantArt
Medusa by Abigail Larson

This Medusa by Abigail Larson is a mix of monstrous and alluring. Her expression makes me believe she is touching herself, as nobody else dares to.(Or can without turning to stone).

Number 9

Medusa by AlexRaspad on DeviantArt
Medusa by Alex Raspad

This picture at first looked unremarkable to me. Medusa is beautiful and well done, but nothing particularly striking or haunting about the setting or composition. And then it struck me! Look where the clever artist placed the mouth of the snakes on her breasts. Genius! Cannot unsee 😉

Number 8

Elias chatzoudis
#medusa #eliaschatzoudis #snakes DA page:
Sexy Medusa by Elias-Chatzoudis (censored)

I like both, the plain drawing and the coloured version on DeviantArt – follow this link to the uncensored version but it's behind DeviantArt's mature content filter, so you'll have to log in to access it. The Medusa by Elias Chatzoudis has something very seductive about her and her tail reminds me of a mermaid, despite the rattlesnake end. I love that she has multicoloured snakes for hair in this version. She definitely draws my gaze.
Find Elias Chatzoudis' website here.

Number 7

Medusa Gorgon by MorganLee-Art on DeviantArt
Medusa the Gorgon by Diablera

This Medusa by Diablera is not exactly seductive (though the warrior she turned to stone could put his sandals under my bed if he were still alive), but she is so beautifully sad. The drawing transports the loneliness and sorrow Medusa feels. The curse not only made her a terrifying monster, she will never be able to be with anyone ever again.

Number 6

Medusa by Unknown from Rule34

This Medusa takes a more practical approach: at least his cock is a rock – literally. I wonder how she made him erect and exposed the phallus before turning him to stone, but apparently it worked for her. Also, nice tits.

Number 5

Medusa by wolfanita on DeviantArt
Medusa by wolfanita

This Medusa by Anita Wolf is playing with her victim. She is dangerous and she knows it. I like her big hair and the way she touches the stone warrior. It would be hard not to look at her.

Number 4

Medusa by ConejoBlanco on DeviantArt
Medusa by Conejo Blanco

This Medusa by Conejo Blanco immediately caught my eye on DeviantArt. She is so sexy and confident. The rain and village in the distance make for an interesting atmosphere and her jewlery and the ripped dress are just so beautifully done. A very alluring Medusa.

Number 3

Petrified Medusa by Samael1103 on DeviantArt
Petrified Medusa by Samael1103

The caption reads "Méduse Médusée", which means "Medusa medused" or rather "Medusa amazed" in French. Apparently, this cock is pretty amazing. I hope it works out for you, Perseus!

Number 2

Greek_mythology, Medusa, Perseus, mythology, sorenutz007
Rule 34, if it exists there is porn of it.
Medusa and Perseus by SorenutZ

This picture was my first choice for no. 1, because I randomly saw it on Rule 34 and it didn't go out of my head. I really enjoy non-con and this comic made my imagination run wild. Possibly this will become the inspiration for a 2nd Medusa story, even though it has little to do with the myth – Medusa was already pregnant by Poseidon when Perseus killed her. I still really love this comic. Poor Perseus.

Number 1

Medusa by NinjArt1st on DeviantArt
Medusa by NinjArt1st

I chose this Medusa as no. 1, because she embodies the seductive, dangerous femme fatale monster like no other of these drawings. She is bad and she enjoys every second of it. Her lips that curl into the slightest of smiles, her otherwordly eyes, the way she touches her poor petrified victim with those long, claw-like fingers... I could spend ages looking at this drawing. My favourite!

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