New Release: Taken by Greek Gods – Poseidon and Medusa

New Release: Taken by Greek Gods – Poseidon and Medusa

Dear beautiful Reader,

I'm happy to announce that Taken by Greek Gods: Poseidon and Medusa is now available at your favourite online retailers, on Smashwords, and directly from me in my little bookshop!

In this story Medusa is a young priestess of Athena who is raped by the sea god Poseidon on the altar of Athena's temple at the Akropolis in Athens.

Athena, furious, transforms the girl into the hiddeous snake monster we know today as a punishment.

The story contains non-con, as Medusa is violently taken by Poseidon, defloration, since only virgins could serve Athena, and shapeshifting, because Athena turns the beautiful girl into a hiddeous half-snake monster in the end (no monster sex, though – if you want monster sex, read the sequel here).

If you love Greek mythology and enjoy non-con and paranormal lovers, this is the book for you!

I also wrote the short sequel "Medusa's Revenge" for #FlashFillFriday. Read it here!


Aimée Maroux

P.S.: Taken by Greek Gods: Poseidon and Medusa is the second part of the series "Taken by Greek Gods": check out the other parts of the series here!



"The story itself is very well-written, and stays consistent with the original mythology. The descriptions aren’t over-the-top, but depict a vivid and authentic mental image of the scenery. In the first few paragraphs, you can tell the author knows more about Greek culture, history, and mythology than your casual Wikipedia searcher. Maroux immerses you deeply into the world in the beginning, and keeps you firmly planted there until the cliffhanger-like ending."
MJBurroughs on GoodReads

"I loved this book. It had plenty of detail while still leaving quite a bit to the reader's imagination. Also enjoyed the use of the traditional Greek names. I am curious as to how exactly the transition of Medusa took place?
I could even see the potential for this short story to become more. Very tantalizing story combined with my personal favorite, Greek Mythology A very excellent read!"
Martha Williams on GoodReads

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"Many stories in most mythological traditions do not involve a great deal of sexual consent. Be forewarned: This is not Percy Jackson’s tales of the Olympians. If that is traumatic or a deal-breaker for you, I’d recommend staying away. If not, this short story is definitely an intriguing take on a not-well-known origin story of a well-known mythological figure. And I for one, look forward to reading more of Maroux’s work in the future!"
Nelson Rockingham on tehben.comread the full review here!

There she lay, helpless before the divine powers of the god, drenched in cold salt water on the hard stone.
Poseidon looked at the statue of Athene above the altar, a wicked smile on his face, and returned his gaze upon her virgin priestess.

"Please don't hurt me," Medusa sobbed, "I am a virgin. I have never been with any man."

"I am no man." Poseidon replied smugly.

He wanted to stain his niece's holy altar with the virgin blood of her priestess, but he also meant to give the girl true pleasure. He would take his revenge on Athene by making her priestess cry and scream – not in pain, but in ecstasy - when he ploughed her with his virile cock. He would turn the girl mad with desire. It would wound Athene more than hurting the girl, seeing a virgin sworn to her swayed by the pleasures of love.

Medusa's heart was beating so fast she felt it might burst out of her chest. The naked man in front of her was clearly not a mortal man. He commanded the waves with the trident he held, so he must be Poseidon, the Lord of the Sea and enemy of her patron goddess. If he wanted to lie with her, a mere mortal woman, she could never fight him. He spread her legs and exposed her unblemished maidenhood. He observed her most intimate body part with unabashed eyes, but he didn't touch her yet. Medusa looked away, covering her face in shame.

He dove between her legs and planted soft kisses on her moist womanhood before inserting his tongue into her opening. He explored her clitoral hood and circled around it in gentle manner. Her eyes opened wide at the sensation and she surprised herself with a loud moan. He then traced her labiae and the entry to her sheath. It not only tickled her but excited her in a way she had never felt before. Poseidon's tongue was wet and slick, his saliva soon mixed with her own juices.

Taken by Greek Gods: Poseidon and Medusa

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