Flashfill Friday: Medusa's Revenge

Flashfill Friday: Medusa's Revenge
Photo by Ashley Levinson / Unsplash

I'm not doing any Friday flash fills at the moment but these were the rules while I did:

Flashfill Friday is a lovely concept from the kink memes of old that I want to establish on this blog. This is how it works:

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    Example: Hades attempts to dirty-talk his lover but fails. It just sounds awkward and unsexy.
  3. I pick one request to write. Please note that "Flashfill" means that the story is written in one go and that it is short. If you want me to follow exact specifications or to write a longer fill, you can always comission a story.
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  5. Please note this is an erotica blog, so the request needs to include at least 1 kink and the result will also be erotic writing.

What is it that YOU want written? Let me know in the comments!

Medusa's Revenge
Warning: non-con

Medusa's gaze wandered through the damp, cold cave she now called a home. Perfectly chisled statues of former heroes were a horribly beautiful reminder of her curse. But at least Athena had made sure of one thing: she would never be raped again.

She turned towards the sturdy man - no, he was no man - the god tied to her cold stone table. His features were twisted in a murderous rage, but even he did not dare to look at her. The bonds acquired by her sisters Stheno and Euryale deprived him of his divine powers, at least for a little while. It would be long enough.

"You were careless in coming here, Lord of the Sea." she said with the slithering hiss that haunted her voice ever since her transformation.

"What could you possibly do to me, Gorgon bitch!" Poseidon spat. But Medusa was not afraid of him. Not any more. She snaked through her collection of statues until she found the one she was looking for. Her muscular tail broke off the exposed manhood this hero had presented to her. She was longing for a human touch, to experience true pleasure with a man that didn't betray her. But he had turned to stone like all the others and she would never find fulfillment. She smiled, knowing the god of the sea had no idea what was coming for him.

"Brace yourself, Earth Shaker. This will hurt."

She rammed the stone phallus into his entrance, delighting in the screams of the god who had so wickedly sealed her fate.

She bared her fangs and teased his nipples with her hard, sharp teeth. She bit down on the left while pinching the right with her clawed fingers. The god wailed beneath her, violently trying to shake her off, but Medusa was on him like a constrictor snake. She had waited too long for this moment.

Her long forked tongue licked across his hairy belly while the venomous snakes that lived on her head darted forward, sinking their little teeth into the wrinkled, flaccid manhood just below. Poseidon was immortal. The only way to kill him would be to turn him into stone, like the lifeless heroes around her. But she didn't need to kill him. She would take revenge for her and her sisters, transformed by Athena for a crime she didn't commit. She could not reverse that curse. But she could make Poseidon feel the hurt and humiliation she had felt when he took her maidenhead.

The venom took effect, causing Poseidon's cock to swell.

"You are a monster!" he growled. "Athena's wisdom prevailed after all. She saw you for what you are!"

"And who made me this monster?" Medusa brushed a few strands of wet hair from the sea god's brow. "Who ignored my vows and pleading?" Her fangs gleamed in the low light.

"You liked it, lewd little cunt."

Medusa's hand stroked up and down the reddening shaft.

"I liked it? No. But I experienced the pleasure a man can give for the first time. I long thought it would be the only time. But now..."

She rose, exposing to him her scaly cunt. He didn't look at her, but she felt his terror nonetheless. Medusa gave a wicked grin, then she slid down his painfully engorged manhood.

"Ahhhhh!" Poseidon roared as her strong vaginal muscles squeezed against his inflamed cock.

Medusa ran a claw down his torso, grazing the skin. She began to move. Slow at first, as she wasn't sure how stable he would be. Then faster and more determined. Poseidon wailed as she pushed herself further down, filling herself completely. She moaned as the turgid member sent ripples of fiery pleasure through her body.

"Oh yes, this is much better. Not as large but nice and thick."

Medusa rode the venomed cock mercilessly, shuddering with every spur of pleasure the swollen meat stirred inside her. Never would she have thought to ever know such carnal delights again. She moaned ecstatically. Poseidon squirmed beneath her and she grabbed his buttocks hard, diggin her claws into his flesh. The surge of power she felt was even more satisfying than the despoiling act itself. The sea god gave a helpless whimper and Medusa was overtaken by her climax, roaring like an amazon charging into battle. Wave after wave of orgasmic high shook her body, her walls clenching around the sickly cock and giving her that rare, fathomless bliss she had craved for so long.

As she slid off him, she triumphantly observed his manhood covered in her juices, taking on an unhealthy dark red colouration.

"Remember this day, oh Lord of the wide Sea. A daughter of Earth has bested you. Think of me next time you play your petty games with the blessed immortals."

She slithered away into the depths of her cave, leaving the god bound and helpless until the magic ran out.


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"Medusa's Revenge" was partly inspired by this comic strip by Oglaf and some of the Medusa drawings I featured on this blog. You'll never guess which ones ;-)
It's also a short sequel to "Poseidon and Medusa".