New Release: Taken by Greek Gods - Hermes loves Dionysos

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I'm happy to announce that Taken by Greek Gods: Hermes loves Dionysos is now available on Amazon, in .epub format on Smashwords and directly from me!

The story is about Hermes and Dionysos visiting the Norse pantheon together to deliver a gift of Greek wine. Dionysos is instantly turned on by the hunky Norsemen, but Hermes asks him not to act on his desires, lest the Norse gods will deem the Olympians unmanly.

He promises to make it up to him, though...

If you love Greek mythology and enjoy reading about sweet, consensual sex, anal sex, anilingus and don't mind (or appreciate) that it's technically incest, this is the book for you!

"Aimée does her homework when it comes to setting and the gods themselves. She does an amazing job of showing you the emotions and the internal lives of these characters."

"It's an erotic novel that dodges the common clichés, taking it to a level way above the others.
Feelings and emotions are very detailed and there's sex without vulgarity."

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"Super sexy encounter!
This short is brimming with adoration between the two brothers, and obviously well-researched by an author who has great respect and reverence for Greek mythology. It's hot and also warm and loving and sensual and I definitely recommend!"

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Aimée Maroux

P.S.: Taken by Greek Gods: Hermes loves Dionysos is the fourth part of the series "Taken by Greek Gods": check out the other parts of the series!

Hermes leaned down and kissed his brother, this time unafraid of possible onlookers. Dionysos pulled Hermes down onto the bed so he could embrace him. Their bodies were so close Hermes could feel the beat of the younger god's heart and the heat radiating from his naked body. The gentle breeze of his breath warmed his skin where it blew on his cheek. He could smell the body odour underneath the fading perfume and it was more intoxicating than anything the effeminate god could have sprinkled on. Their lips pushed hungrily against one another and Dionysos pulled him even closer, urging him to open his mouth. Hermes complied, letting him in, letting his tongue explore every niche of his mouth, licking and sucking, and teasing. Hermes' fingers were entwined in the vinegod's dark hair, his other hand cupping his smooth, beardless cheek. Never had he felt this close to his brother before, despite the deep love and affection he had always held for him ever since he saved him from the ashes of his mother's womb, ever since he helped birthing him from their father's scrotum. He never wanted their embrace to end. This time, it was Dionysos who broke the kiss.

"I want you inside me." A sensual whisper that made Hermes' cock swell despite himself.

"You know I'm a tease, so you'll have to have a little patience."

He continued to kiss Dionysos, revelling in his scent, his taste, the flicks of his tongue and their cosy intimaty. His hands slid down towards the wine god's arse, massaging his oiled buttocks firmly but without too much force. Dionysos moaned into his mouth, his erection trapped between their bellies and very subtly rubbed by the movement of their bodies. Hermes danced his lips down Dionysos' throat, teasing the soft flesh where he knew his brother was ticklish. Dionysos giggled and pushed Hermes' head further down towards his chest.

—Aimée Maroux, Taken by Greek Gods: Hermes loves Dionysos