Fiction: Hermes loves Dionysos

Fiction: Hermes loves Dionysos

Dear beautiful reader,

since Hermes is the herald and diplomat of the Greek pantheon, I began to wonder how he would fare in other pantheons and it was fun imagining him at the court of Asgard, with Dionysos by his side.

So I set out to write a short for you to enjoy. The story took on a life of its own, though, and turned out much longer than I had planned, so I decided to publish it. But I still want to give you something fun to read, so here's the first half of the story. If you want to read the rest, subscribe to my mailing list to get the full story for free!

Hermes loves Dionysos (M/M)

This story features: drunk flirting, kissing, seduction, butt massage, anal play, incest but it's Greek gods, so... it's all right, yeah?

Hermes sat at the place of honour on the dais in the great feasting hall of Asgard. It was a diplomatic visit and he usually enjoyed these, as there was booze and food and it was easy to make conversation. The Æsir were a simple people and Hermes had formed good relationships here. This time, though, things were a little different. Zeus had deemed it a good idea to send along his favourite son and Hermes' younger half-brother Dionysos. It did make sense, in a way, because they were supposed to bring a few barrels of Greek wine as a gift, and it was much easier to get some empty barrels in Asgard and have Dionysos fill them with wine before they had their audience instead of hauling them there all the way from Mount Olympos. Dionysos was usually friendly and easy to get along with, as opposed to most of their brothers. But he was also very inexperienced in diplomacy and easily the most effeminate god of the Olympioi1. Not that Hermes minded that ‐ his own son Hermaphroditos was androgynous2 ‐ but the Æsir were very unforgiving of any behaviour they deemed unmanly. Sorcery, cowardice and taking the passive role during sexual intercourse were all deemed unmanly, as he had learned3. And Dionysos particularly enjoyed the latter. Dressed in a fine purple chiton4 and a splendidly colourful himation5, he stood in front of a table further down the hall, apparently chatting with some of the Norse gods seated there. A crown of vine and ivy sat on his dark, ribboned hair. Their eyes met across the room and Dionysos waved at him overenthusiastically. He staggerd back towards the dais, a horn of mead or wine in his hand that he downed before he was even midway through the hall. He approached their table of honour, unsteady on his feet, and fell down onto his brother's lap. Hermes could smell the wine despite the flowery perfume the younger god liked to use. He sighed.

"You know, we are not supposed to drink all the wine ourselves."

"Pfff. I'm not even halfway through."

Dionysos hugged his brother and kissed him until Hermes broke away because Dionysos started sucking on his lower lip, trying to slip in his tongue.

"You won't believe how horny I am right now!" Dionysos declared with the soft slur in his voice that Hermes knew so well. The shape of his erection showed through the fabric of his purple chiton where his himation had slid down too far. "I'm coming to think the Norsemen are all prudes. None of them are responding to my advances."

Hermes draped some of the luxurious cloth back over his loins.

"This is not acceptable behaviour here," he hissed into his brother's ear. "The Æsir don't approve of eros6 between men."

Dionysos made a face.

"We need to make a good impression. I've worked hard to forge this alliance and they still think we're a bunch of sissies."

"So?" Dionysos grinned. "Maybe they're right. I don't care if they think me a sissy. I need some cock right about now!"

Hermes groaned.

"Right now is not the time. Whatever we do reflects on everyone else on Mount Olympos. Don't ruin everything I've worked for. Pull yourself together for once in your life, please!"

"Fine." Dionysos leaned heavily on Hermes' shoulder and played with his curly hair. "I'll be running around all hard and throbbing until you release me." He giggled.

"This is not a joke."

"No. If you were joking, I'd have you inside me in no time." Dionysos leaned forward, a seductive smile on his face. Their lips met again. Hermes had to admit, Dionysos was a skilful kisser. He even tasted good, of sweet nectar, wild herbs and heavy wine. It was an utterly addictive savour. Dionysos was very gentle, but it was clear as day how much he wanted this, lips on lips, tongue against tongue, tasting the saliva and soft lining of the other's wet, warm mouth. It was harder to break away from him this time.

"You know how much I love you," Hermes said in a low voice, "And I will make it up to you, alright? I promise." He placed both hands on the slender wine god's back, just above his arse. "Do you think you can live without my affection for a couple of hours?"

"I can. But I really don't want to."

Dionysos shifted his weight, pushing his shapely buttocks against his brother's hands as if by accident. His hard cock was rubbing against Hermes' stomach as he moved, a perfectly innocent smile on his face.

"Can we at least cuddle? Express some brotherly love?" he drawled.

"Shall I be offended that you think you can make a fool of me?" Hermes growled into his brother's ear. "I've been faking innocence before you were even born7. Stop trying to seduce me."

Dionysos pouted.

"But I'm really horny!" he whined.

Hermes stole a glance at the table beside them. Thor was giving them a weird look.

"Have another drink," said Hermes aloud, for all to hear. "It will make you feel better in no time."

Dionysos looked disappointed, but he nodded. Hermes signalled to one of the valkyries who were pouring drinks8 and she refilled their horns with a smile. He toasted to their hosts and drank up. It would be a long night.


It was long past midnight when the two Greek gods made their way from the feasting hall back to their quarters. Their breath condensed in the cold night air as they passed the wooden longhouses of Asgard under the star-lit sky. Hermes had to admit, after the little incident his brother had actually made a good impression on the Æsir, who were also hard drinkers. They had laughed and sung and, after the wine was gone, drained several barrels of mead and ale. Hermes was feeling a little drunk himself. He usually stopped before feeling tipsy, but this time it just hadn't been possible. Dionysos was singing loudly, repeating one of the new Norse songs he had learned. Hermes had one arm amiably slung around his shoulders, gently guiding him in the right direction.

When the door swung shut behind them, Hermes yelped when Dionysos jumped him.

"You prom'sed me somethin'..." he slurred.

"You remember that?" Hermes asked, amused.

"'f course."

"I don't know if I should take advantage of your current state. You are so drunk, I could do anything to you..."

"Then do me 'lright!"


Hermes slowly took off his crimson chlamys9 and the bright white chiton he had been wearing all night. When he unfastened his winged sandals, Dionysos was already lying naked on the bed they shared, impatiently drumming his fingers on the wooden frame.

"You're such a tease!" he complained.

"And you have no self-control."

"Dinn' I do what you asked 'f me?"

"Yes. Yes you did. And I am very grateful for that." Hermes sat down on the bed next to his brother.

"You better show your gratitude, then."

Hermes caressed his brother's beautiful buttocks.

"I intend to."

He picked up the flask of olive oil he had brought with him from Olympos. Originally for skin care purposes, but it came in handy now.10 He poured some of the green liquid into his hand and returned his gaze to the wine god. He let the oil warm up in his palm before applying it to the soft flesh of Dionysos' bum cheeks, who made a sound of appreciation at the sensation of the warm, slick touch.

Hermes spread the oil with both hands, not only over his arse but on his thighs and lower back as well, massaging it into the smooth, untanned skin. He had expected Dionysos to ruin the whole mission. He was wrong and his brother deserved a treat for his good behaviour. He watched his face while he pressed and kneaded and caressed the flesh, delighting in the unrestrained pleasure and bliss chasing over his delicate features. There is nobody who can savour a moment quite like Dionysos can. Hermes smiled. He enjoyed their intimacy. Usually, he would be alone right now, maybe masturbating before going to sleep. Not only did he have a warm body next to him in the cold bed this time, he also had someone to talk to, someone to cuddle up to in the night, someone he loved so very much.

He poured some more oil into his hand. Dionysos was warm, despite the low temperature in the room, his skin flushed. Slowly, very slowly, Hermes pushed his index finger against the anus. He knew how much Dionysos appreciated a certain gentleness in love-making. He didn't want him to be disappointed. His finger slid in easily. His brother gave a happy sigh. Hermes rubbed the rectal walls, slickening the entrance and widening it with nimble fingers, facilitating any penetration later on. In case that was still what his brother wanted.

"Are you comfortable?" he asked. Lying on his stomach, with his slender frame, the snowy white skin, the beautiful long hair and his round buttocks, one could easily mistake Dionysos for a girl. But he was not, and Hermes imagined his erection pressing against the coarse straw mattress, as it had pressed against his stomach back in the feasting hall.

"Hm." made Dionysos and turned his head to look at him with half-lidded eyes, the crown of ivy almost slipping off his head, cheeks red with wine.

He's so fucking drunk, thought Hermes. But then again, the God of Wine was rarely sober.

"I doubt you'll remember any of this in the morning. But a promise is a promise."


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Part 2 features: sweet, consensual sex - anilingus / rimming - anal sex - cuddling

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  1. The Olympioi are all the Greek gods who live on Mount Olympos.
  2. Androgynos in ancient Greek means doing both active, male things and passive, female ones, specifically during sexual intercourse. Hermes' son Hermaphroditos is also androgynous because he is, well, a hermaphrodite.
  3. To accuse another man of being unmanly (argr) was a legal reason to challenge the accuser in holmgang, a kind of trial by combat.
  4. A chiton is a piece of clothing akin to a tunic. Men wore it usually at knee-length or shorter.
  5. A himation is a kind of cloak worn by both, women and men. It's essentially a rectangular piece of heavy fabric, either woolen or linen, that is draped diagonally over one shoulder or symmetrically over both shoulders like a stole.
  6. Eros is not only the god of love and sexual lust, it's also a Greek word for passionate love or romantic love.
  7. Hermes famously stole some of his half-brother Apollon's sacred cattle and when he was caught lied to his face, faking innocence until it became clear he couldn't get away with it. He then changed his tactic and charmed his brother instead by gifting him his invention, the lyre.
  8. The valkyries pour the drinks in Valhalla, so I made them serve the drinks during this banquet of the gods as well.
  9. A chlamys is another kind of coat, one travellers used to wear in ancient Greece and Hermes typically wears one unless he's naked.
  10. Olive oil was applied after bathing and used by athletes in ancient Greece to scrape off sweat and dirt with a stlengís but it was also used as a lubricant during anal sex.