New Release: Taken by Greek Gods - Odysseus fattens Kalypso

New Release: Taken by Greek Gods - Odysseus fattens Kalypso

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I'm happy to announce that "Taken by Greek Gods: Odysseus fattens Kalypso" is now available at your favourite online retailers including Smashwords!

The story was inspired by the Odyssey and is about Odysseus who washed ashore on the island of Kalypso. She coerces him into being her unwilling lover and he has no means to leave.

When Hermes, a divine ancestor of Odysseus, promises him a calm and peaceful sea, Odysseus sees his only chance to get off the island. But Kalypso doesn't have any ships, nor crew, nor oars. So Odysseus hatches a plan to feed and fatten Kalypso until she will be too fat to move around by herself...

This story contains: vaginal sex, fingering, non-con / coercion, fem!dom, feeding, stuffing, immobility, M/F

If you love Greek mythology and enjoy reading about weight gain, stuffing and feeding a slim woman to immobility, this is the book for you!

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Aimée Maroux

P.S.: Taken by Greek Gods: Odysseus fattens Kalypso is the fifth part of the series "Taken by Greek Gods": check out the other parts of the series!

Odysseus spoilt Kalypso with rich breakfasts, lavish lunches and opulent dinners. She wouldn't let him have any weapons, but he built traps for birds and hares so as to present her with delicious game and he went to pick fruit and milk the goats and sheep, despite this being a woman's task. He was a slave on this island, he wouldn't sacrifice his one chance at escape to useless pride. He learned to make cheese and cakes and how to create dishes of wonderful taste. Since Kalypso was indeed a goddess, if only a minor one, he was uncertain if she would even put on any weight at all. A fat body may be prevented by the divine beauty of the immortals alone. But, serving her mortal food, he soon discovered his fears had been unfounded. As the nymph made a pig of herself gorging on his meals, her body expanded in kind. She gained thick, juicy thighs and a prominent rump. Her bust filled out and strained more and more against the fabric of her dress. Her arms became more tender and she grew a soft round belly. Her dress was not tight enough to show it yet, but Odysseus saw it when she was naked making love to him at night. She was heavier, too, as he noticed when she sat on him with meaty bum cheeks, riding his cock. Confident, he figured he was on the right track. He started experimenting with enriching her food with olive oil and butter and honey. When her belly finally started pushing against her dress, she patted her round shape and said:
"By Zeus, this dress is getting tight. It seems all this mortal food has made me plump and unsightly. I know you mean well, my love, but I think we should stop eating so much. I should go back to nectar and ambrosia."
Odysseus put on his sweetest smile.
"You really think so, my love? I couldn't disagree more. Your curves make you look so womanly and soft. You entice me more every day. You are so beautiful, why would you stop?"
He traced a hand down her curvy belly towards her sex. He had not taken initiative in months, only the first few times after she had rescued him. Then, he had gladly made love to her to please her in gratitude for saving him from drowning. But once his free will was no longer of any consequence in the matter, he had ceased to seduce her on his own accord. As he had hoped, his simple gesture had a powerful effect on the lust-mad nymph. She became wet from his touch instantly, he could feel it between his fingers and smell her arousal. She was longing for his cock. Odysseus was no fool. He was well aware that in order for her to gain weight, he would have to indulge her, so she would eat as much as she could while having to move as little as possible. After so many nights taken to her bed against his will, it seemed a bitter price to pay. But if actively whoring his body to the nymph meant a chance of freedom, she should have it.
He picked her up and, with some difficulty, carried her to her bed. He lay down beside her and kneaded her breasts, plump and heavy with new fat. The nymph squealed in delight. He opened her dress and eyed the fat rolls that had formed on her belly.

Taken by Greek Gods: Odysseus fattens Kalypso

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