Taken by the Greek Gods

Taken by the Greek Gods

Dear beautiful Reader,

"Taken by Greek Gods" is a series of erotic short stories based on or inspired by ancient Greek mythology. The characters are sexy gods and goddesses, hunky heroes and defenseless mortals, but invariably drawn from Greek myth.

Expect to meet Apollon, Hermes, Dionysos, Artemis and Aphrodite. Ares and Poseidon, Odysseus and Herakles. Greek mythology offers plenty of sexual encounters to explore and expand upon. Due to the source material, the stories frequently feature very bisexual characters, M/M affection and attraction, sex between technically related characters, impregnation / pregnancy, and also non-con / non-consensual sex.

The series provides a colourful mix of genres. There is a list of kinks for each book so you can easily find your favourites and avoid those that squick you.

The setting is invariably Mediterranean antiquity, so all titles in the series are historical fiction with a lot of loving research put in. My books always contain footnotes explaining words and concepts from life in ancient Greece or references to other myths.

Books of the Series

Find the books of the series "Taken by the Greek Gods" with a short synopsis and a link to buy if available.

Let me know in the comments which one of these titles you are most excited to read!

001: Dionysos and Aura

Taken by Greek Gods: Dionysus impregnates Aura cover image showing the silhouette of a woman against a background of green mountains

An erotic retelling of Dionysos' desire for Aura in the Dionysiaca: Aura is the nymph of the morning breeze and a close companion of Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. They share an intimate moment but virgin Aura offends the proud goddess, so Artemis enlists Eros to inspire a burning passion in Dionysos and turn her half-brother into a lust-filled pawn to use against poor Aura.

After some encouragement by a tree nymph, Dionysos takes Aura's maidenhead in her sleep and leaves her ravished and pregnant.

This story contains: non-con, loss of virginity, unprotected sex with a sleeping partner, impregnation, cunnilingus, pregnancy, lactation, birth, F/F, M/F

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002: Poseidon and Medusa - Taken by the Sea God

Taken by Greek Gods: Poseidon and Medusa - Ravished by the Sea God (MF, rough sex, well-endowed)

An erotic retelling of Ovid's account of the myth of Medusa with some liberties taken: Before she became the terrifying snake monster with a petrifying gaze, Medusa was a virgin priestess of Athena famed for her beauty. Poseidon raped her in the Temple of Athena as an act of retribution against his niece, the Goddess of Wisdom. In this retelling, his goal is to give Medusa as much sexual pleasure as possible, to make her beg for more as to humiliate her patron goddess. Athena punished Medusa by turning her into the hiddeous form she's most famous for today, while Poseidon got away scot-free.

This story contains: non-con, forced defloration, big cock, rough sex, breast play, cunnilingus, vaginal sex, M/F

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003: Ares and Hephaistos: From Husband to Wife - Gender Swapped and taken by her Lover

Cover image of Taken by the Greek Gods: Ares and Hephaistos

Hephaistos, longing to find out what gets his wife in the mood for sex, acquires a magic potion to swap their bodies. But he is in for more than he bargained for, because not only does he find out about Ares' and Aphrodite's affair this way, but he is about to be taken by his wife's lover...

This story contains: dub-con, gender swap / body swap, big cock, breast play, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, very mild male!dom

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004: Hermes loves Dionysos

Taken by Greek Gods: Hermes loves Dionysus cover image, sexy male ass in candle light

Hermes and Dionysos are both sent to the court of Asgard, the seat of the Norse pantheon, to deliver a gift of Greek wine.

Dionysos tries to seduce the hunky Norsemen, but Hermes asks him not to act on his desires because he doesn't want them to think of the Olympians as unmanly. He has to promise to make it up to him, though...

This story contains: sweet consensual sex, anal sex, anilingus / rimming, cuddling, unprotected sex, technically incest between Greek gods, M/M

You can read the first part on my blog for free.

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005: Odysseus and Kalypso - A Weight Gain Story

Taken by Greek Gods: Odysseus fattens Kalypso

A weight gain story inspired by the Odyssey: Odysseus is stranded on Kalypso's island and she won't let him leave. Kalypso wants him as a husband and coerces him into making love to her every night. When Hermes, a divine ancestor of Odysseus, promises him to calm Poseidon's wrath against the hero, Odysseus concocts a plan to get off the wretched island - by feeding and fattening Kalypso to immobility.

This story contains: feeding, fattening to immobility, stuffing, bbw, fem!dom, fingering, vaginal sex, non-con / coercion, Odysseus is basically a sex slave, M/F

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006: Aphrodite's Boy Toy

Taken by Greek Gods: Aphrodite's Boy Toy, Dionysos Dionysus Bacchus

Aphrodite is bored and lonely because her lover Ares is away waging war in the mortal world. Can Dionysos, just recently ascended to godhood as the God of Wine and Revelry, give her any relief with his thick and eager cock?

Ares is not pleased and takes his revenge on Dionysos in the most humiliating way he can think of.

This story contains: fem!dom, vaginal sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, anal fingering, toe licking, unprotected sex, spanking, M/F

One chapter contains: non-con, violence, M/M

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007 Apollon and Dionysos: Opposites Attract

Apollon and Dionysos - Opposites Attract / Taken by Greek Gods series 007 cover image of a grapevine and a naked male torso

Apollon and Dionysos couldn't be more different. Golden-haired, orderly and temperate Apollon thinks he doesn't have much in common with his dark-tressed, chaotic and overindulgent half-brother. Yet the god of wine holds a strange fascination for Apollon. Not even the beautiful Muse Ourania can distract him from the allure of his sensual body. He will have him!

This story contains: consent issues, power imbalance, anal sex, rough sex, anal fingering, manual stimulation of the penis / handjob, mammary intercourse / titty fuck, fellatio, M/M, M/F

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008 Ariadne - Worshipped by Two Gods

Quasi sequel to "Hermes loves Dionysos" in which Dionysos invites his brother to a threesome with his wife Ariadne.
Ariadne ends up double-penetrated and worshipped by the two phallic gods.

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009 Zeus does Kallisto: From Father to Daughter - Genderswapped to fuck her Girlfriend

Zeus is lusting after beautiful Kallisto, a nymph in the retinue of his daughter Artemis. There is only one problem: Artemis requires her followers to remain virgins, untouched by men. That, and Kallisto is her girlfriend. But there is nothing Zeus wouldn't do for a good shag. So he turns himself into Artemis when his daughter is on Olympos to seduce unwitting Kallisto...

This story contains: vaginal sex, cunnilingus, gender swap, defloration, deception, impregnation

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010 Herakles and Apollon

When Herakles comes to Delphi to seek the advice of Apollon's oracle, he is surprised that the god himself appears to answer his questions. Apollon not only tells Herakles how to atone for the murder of his family, he also gives him his perfect, sculpted cock.

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011 Herakles does the Amazons

An erotic retelling of Herakles' Ninth Labor: Herakles is sent to obtain the Girdle of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. She is so impressed with him, that she offers her girdle for a demonstration of his virility...

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012 Aphrodite has a Threesome

Sequel to Aphrodite's Boy Toy.

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013 Hermes abroad

Hermes, messenger and diplomat of the gods, travels from one edge of the world to the next and has lots of sex with lots of different people.

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014 The Adventures of Adonis

Adonis had sex with quite a few of the Greek Gods. Most famously with Aphrodite, but Persephone, Apollon, Dionysos and Herakles all had a go with him as well.

The Adventures of Adonis is an erotic retelling of these myths.

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015 Lady of the Labyrinth: Ariadne's Thread

Ariadne feels trapped on the island of Crete, where her father King Minos sacrifices seven young men and seven young maidens to his cursed son the minotaur every seven years. When she spots handsome Theseus among the sacrifices, she sees her chance to escape this wretched life. Will her sage advice get him out of the labyrinth alive so she can claim her man?

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016 Curse of the Gorgon

Erotic romance between Medusa and one of the heroes sent to kill her.

017 Apollon and his Muses

Apollon has sex with all nine of his Muses.

018 Hermes loves Perseus

Perseus, the demigod son of Zeus and a mortal woman, is tasked with the slaying of Medusa. When Hermes arrives bearing divine gifts from Athene, Zeus, and Hades, he is impressed, if not enamoured with the young hero and offers him a deal: his winged sandals for a night spent together.

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019 Aphrodite and Ares - Swapped at the Family Party

Aphrodite and Ares accidentally swap bodies while attending a family gathering on Mount Olympos.

020 Narcissus Loves Himself

A masturbation story of Narcissus who jerks off to his beautiful reflection.