Flashfill Friday: Chased by the Satyr

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Chased by the Satyr

She knew that he followed her. He was not loud, nor unhidden. But she felt his presence nonetheless. Chrysis hugged the water jar a little tighter. The mouth, fashioned after a male phallus, provided a convenient handle. Her lord liked this kind of playfully obscene décor. She knew Lysias desired her. He had desired her for some time. Yet she never chose him as her partner for the frenzied celebrations of dance and wine and sex that their lord so happily presided over. If he wanted her, he would have to work for it!

Chrysis plunged the jar into the fresh, clean waters of the spring. She could hear the music of their camp in the distance. She did not hear him approach, but she felt the heat of his body behind her, his hot breath on her naked skin. But she filled her jar as if she perceived nothing and calmly turned around.

"Lysias." she said, acting surprised. "What are you doing here? I don't presume you want to help me with my chore?"

He was handsome, for a satyr. He had beautiful amber eyes, a well-kempt beard and long brown hair, unshorn in the fashion of young men. He looked strong and virile, his bare torso showing her a set of defined muscles instead of the pot-belly many of his kind acquired through drink and feast. His erect cock was not exceptional for a satyr, but ridiculously large for a human. The tip of his glans was obscenely exposed by the tight foreskin.

"No. I have something different in mind."

He grabbed her roughly and tore the jar from her hands, carelessly dropping it to the moist earth where its content mixed with its parental waters. He was excited and not only in his genitals. Chrysis struggled against his grasp, but he was strong.

"You satyrs are a single-minded lot, all of you." she said, pushing against him, feeling the firmness of his skin and the softness of his furry thighs.

"As if you nymphs were any better." He grinned, his large hand reaching for her breasts. Chrysis bit him in the arm, eliciting a surprised yelp from her captor. She only needed this briefest of moments of distraction to jerk free and run like the wind. Not really like the wind, because she was not a nymph of the breezes, but fast enough. She didn't need to turn to know that he was on her heels. Yet she didn't run back to camp. Instead, she ran deeper into the forest, hearing his swift hooves on moss and leafs and earth. He jumped over roots and stones and toppled trees as if they were no hurdles to him at all. The sound of his heavy breathing was getting closer and closer. Chrysis darted sideways to gain some ground, but his hand closed around her shoulder like a clamp*. He yanked her back towards him, his muscular arms clasping around her like the vines of their lord.

"Got you."

She struggled against him, but this time there was no escape. Not that she wanted to. She enjoyed the warmth of his body on her back and the prod of his manhood against her buttocks.

"Claim your prize, then."

He turned her to face him and pushed her against one of the trees. His mouth captured hers and he shoved his tongue inside, hungrily licking at her palate and her own tongue. She fought back, biting down on it and ploughing against it.

His big hands found the way to her arse, lifting her easily. She could feel his cock against her thigh, moist and warm and hard. She slung both arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist, crossing them above his tail. His fingers dug into the flesh of her buttocks, tearing at it, squeezing it. His lips left hers as he ventured deeper, nibbling her neck and licking her cleavage while he guided his cock towards her entrance. Chrysis was already wet with anticipation. Still, she gasped when he pushed his fat, round crown into her. He was slick and well-lubricated, but he was so big! He didn't wait for her to adjust, attempting to fill her with his whole length all at once. She groaned painfully.

"Slow down, you horny satyr! I can't take in all of you just yet."

He gave her an impatient look. His amber eyes were filled with lust.

"What are you, a virgin?"

He did comply, though, starting with small, almost gentle thrusts that widened her cunt and let her take more and more of his amazing cock. He knelt down so her feet could reach the ground, enabling her to control the pace. She moaned, throwing her head back in ecstasy as he licked the sweat off her breasts, as his thrusts became deeper and faster and she felt as if pure lightning was running through her veins.

"Ohhh, by Bakkhos and all gods of Olympos this feels divine!"

He held her and she felt safe, safe to let go, safe his strong arms wouldn't drop her.

"Ohhh yes!" he joined in, "You sweet thing are more luscious than nectar!"

"Ahh! Your cock is a marvel, Lysias!"

He grinned and she felt him getting even harder. His crown was deep inside her, yet he still pressed ahead.

"Looks like you can take all of me after all."

He was right. She saw the base of his cock where she engulfed his shaft. She smirked.

"Guess you're not as big as I thought."

She began moving on him, riding herself up and down his length. She shuddered each time she came down on him and his sucking on her stiff, hard nipples made her even crazier with lust.

"Ahhh! Hgnnn! Ohhh! Ohhh, Lysias!" she cried, her voice echoing through the forest. The satyr was grunting noisily as well, pulling out further as she rose up and coming in hard as she rode down on him.

"Ohhh, sweet nymph, ahhh!" he panted.

She felt her fulfilment drawing near.

"Faster!" she commanded and Lysias was happy to comply. Her skin clashed against his fur, her breast rocking in the rhythm of their love-making. She threw her head back as she came, her sheath clenching the thick shaft of her partner who kept his fast pace, his cock sliding in and out of her at immense speed until he cried out and she felt his come sputtering against her walls, making her reach completion a second time. She collapsed on top of him, sweaty and languid and happy. He stayed inside her, caressing her bum cheeks and smoothing her dishevelled hair. Chrysis lazily stroked his muscular back, enjoying the moment of haziness after a good poke. Then she said:

"Come on now, my dear. We should go and fetch the water."


* Yes, I researched this and apparently there were clamps in ancient Greece made of metal.

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