Fiction: Hermes and Apollon ‒ The Invention of Wrestling (M/M)

Fiction: Hermes and Apollon ‒ The Invention of Wrestling (M/M)
Relief of two Greek wrestlers on the base of a funerary kouros statue, dated ca. 510 BCE. Photo by Mark Cartwright.

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Hermes / Apollon: The Invention of Wrestling

Hermes was on his way back to Olympos when he saw Delphi with Apollon's famous oracle far beneath his feet. If Apollon was home? He had a beautiful palace high up on Mount Parnassos. Not as splendid as the one on Olympos but Hermes knew that his brother loved to be close to his favourite city and the Pythia who spoke his oracles. He descended upon Delphi, collecting a block of lapis lazuli for a gift. As he neared Apollon's palace beautiful music reached his ears. He must be home or at least the Muses were. Hermes smiled. He had a special fondness for Euterpe. Apollon wouldn't approve of them knocking sandals but if he wasn't home, Hermes would try his luck. It was always easier to apologise later. But the servant who opened the door told him the god of music was, indeed, here.

"He arrived just this afternoon!" The young man smiled brightly. "I will announce you, Lord Hermes!"

"Thank you, Aristides."

Not that Hermes even needed to knock. Doors and locks were no obstacle to him. But he knew how much it irritated Apollon when he didn't stick to proper etiquette, so he waited for the youth to return.

Apollon awaited him in the music room where he kept his various instruments and practiced with his Muses. They were here now with him.

"Greetings, my brother." Apollon gave him a welcoming smile.

"Greetings, Phoibos." Hermes fumbled for the lapis lazuli in his traveller's bag. "I got you something."

Apollon raised a perfect golden eyebrow.

"Now where on earth did you pick that up?"


"You didn't pay for it, did you?"

"Sure did!"

Apollon received the gift and looked at it more closely, as if he could see the truth inside the raw gemstone.

"You paid for it with silver coins?"


A cloud of anger manifested on the elder god's beautiful features.

"Why would you steal from an honest merchant of my city?"

"I didn't steal it! Think of it as a sacrifice to a god. Don't worry, I'll compensate the merchant later if I don't forget."

Apollon's eyes were cold with disappointment when he handed back the stone.

"Keep your stolen goods."

His disappointment stung even more than the rejection of the gift.

"Come on, brother, is that what you call hospitality?"

"Are you a good guest bearing owing gifts?"

"I promise I will grant the merchant such good business that this tiny piece of rock is merely a handful lost to his overflowing well of wealth.

Apollon sighed.

"I'm happy you came to visit but do you have to lie and steal?"

"No. But it's great fun." The sour expression on his brother's face prompted him to swiftly change the subject. "Anyway, I thought maybe we can race? We haven't done that in a while and there are no gods here to witness your defeat."

Apollon grinned.

"Don't be too sure of yourself. You're fast, Hermes, but not unmatchably so."

"You are always invited to try."

"Let me put away my kithara and you will eat dust, my friend."


They undressed in the changing room of Apollon's gymnasion. They had raced often, but never here on Apollon's race track on earth. Usually, there would be spectators. The other gods loved to see a good contest and Apollon was fast - just never as fast as Hermes was. Now it was only the two of them. Hermes unfastened his winged sandals, keeping his gaze on the golden straps. The wings fluttered nervously. Something had changed. He had seen Apollon in the nude many times before. They had enjoyed baths and exercise and together. Apollon had always been intimidatingly beautiful. But today, Hermes found he wasn't intimidated any more. He was inflamed.

"Charias will oil you up."

Hermes nodded. The tan, athletic servant stood at the ready, waiting for him. Hermes watched his brother fasten up his beautiful golden hair. It was long and silky, a symbol of Apollon's eternal youth. Hermes admired the long hair but he found it much too impractical for himself. His short, dark curls were infinitely less impressive but at least they didn't fly in his face everytime he took to the air. Apollon's tall, graceful body was oiled by another one of his servants. Hermes wondered what it would feel like to touch the slick, muscular thighs, running up his hand with the intend to‒

"Ready to race?"

Hermes looked up into piercing blue eyes. He couldn't read minds, could he?

"Twice ready!"


Charias would be the referee, standing a stadion away at the finish line. Apollon's face looked grim in concentration. Hermes smirked. They were both competitive. Apollon really wanted to win this race. But he would not outrun him. Not today.


Hermes had been a bit too distracted by the beautiful god, so he botched his start but he would catch up, wouldn't he? The view was definitely nicer behind Apollon, allowing not just a glimpse of his sculpted arse. But he was here to win. He could stare at Apollon's arse after he beat it.

Swift as the wind he overtook the archer just before the finish line. It definitely cost him some effort, so he didn't taunt his older brother, instead catching his breath.

"Well done. You truly are fast."

Hermes gave his brother a smile. Apollon could be difficult at times, but he usually was a graceful loser. What a shame that running didn't involve any body contact. Or wait...

"We should try this new sport I invented."

Apollon sent Charias to get them both a drink of nectar.

"What sport?"

"Oh, I called it, ah, Pálē."

"What is new about it?"

Hermes could feel Apollon's suspicion. He had to up his game. Apollon was extremely good at detecting lies and it had only worked once of twice in the past.

"It's a playful fight. You know, you have to overpower your opponent."

Apollon still looked sceptical.

"Once his shoulder touches the ground, you score a point. You need four points to win."

"And you want to fight with me?"

Hermes blushed, despite himself.

"Very much, yes."

Apollon grinned.

"I'm sure you made rules against cheating as well?"

"Of course!" Now how would one cheat in this made-up game? "I wouldn't want anyone to win by cheating, least of all me!" Apollon was taller and stronger than him. He would have an advantage if he could box or hit or kick him. And Apollon would probably be indignant if Hermes just grabbed him by the balls to win the game. "Any hitting or kicking or biting is against the rules. Gouging the eyes and grasping the genitals is also not permitted."

"Good, good."

"Shall we start?"

Apollon took a sip of nectar.

"You may have to make this game clear as we go along."

Hermes nodded.

"I shall be gracious."

The made-up game started as intended with Apollon grabbing him and immediately establishing body contact. Hermes wriggled and wreathed his oily body, trying to escape the grasp while he enjoyed the close proximity. Apollon was strong, so the only way to get out of this hold was through trickery. But the more Hermes struggled, the tighter Apollon's grip became. Hermes felt himself grow hard at the sensation of Apollon's thighs on his, the muscular chest on his back, the light god's flaccid penis in his bum crack... And then, it wasn't so flaccid anymore. Apollon choked him for real now, cutting off his air supply. Hermes was a god, he couldn't die from it, but he could go unconscious. However, the slightly dizzy feeling only aroused him even more. He felt slightly embarrassed about losing his own made-up game but having Apollon's erection in his bum crack, being held by him... Best game ever.

Apollon forced his shoulder to the ground before he lost consciousness.

"I scored a point," he said, but his voice had taken on a different timbre. Hermes would bet his kerykeion that his brother was as turned on as he was. Only, he would maybe not admit it.

"Do you want to know what the reward is for scoring a point?" Hermes panted.

"What is it?"

Hermes grinned.

"You get to slide your cock a little lower. Between my thighs."

There was a pause. Probably because Apollon contemplated whether he was horny enough to believe that. Instead of a reply, Hermes felt the tip of Apollon's cock against the back of his oily legs. He spread them slightly to allow his brother to slip through. His heart pounded. Apollon's loins still rested tightly against his arse and he felt their every move as they thrust. Even though Apollon had done nothing to pleasure him, he was dripping on the sand of the race track. The warm, silky hardness of Apollon's cock between his thighs was hotter than many of his more indulgent encounters. He almost felt ready to spill when he heard Apollon's breath above him, blowing against his hair. He gulped, pressing his thighs together to make them tighter, hoping to delight his partner. A hiss came from above him and the thrusting slowed down. Apollon's arm closed around his neck but not in a choke hold this time. He shifted his weight and Hermes gasped when he felt his large hand close around his cock. Apollon didn't move it, he just kept thrusting, pushing Hermes into his fist with every jolt of his loins. It was too much. His seed rushed out and joined the pre-come on the sandy ground. Apollon laughed, his lips close to his ear.

"You truly are fast."

Hermes wanted to give a witty reply but his wits had left him along with his seed. Apollon's come soon joined his, splashing in the sand and running down his thighs.

"It's a good game," Apollon remarked as he rose, offering his brother a hand up. "But I'd say the rules need some refinement."

"Yes. I think next time we should try it with the loser coming between the thighs."



Euterpe is the Muse of Music, Song, and Lyric Poetry. She is sometimes depicted with pan pipes, an invention of either Hermes himself or his son Pan, so I thought they'd get along rather well.

Phoibos is a name and an epithet of Apollon meanin the shining, pure or bright. Artemis uses this name when she speaks of her brother in Hymn 3 to Artemis by Kallimachos when she is still a little maid, so I have Hermes use it as an endearment here.

Apollon is said to be particularly fond of lapis lazuli, apparently called hyakinthos in ancient Greece because of the flower (and Apollon's lover) of the same name. In late antiquity and as late as the Middle Ages, lapis lazuli was often called sapphire too: "...and the deep blue sapphire, still beloved of Phoibos." (Dionysiaca, 4-5th century CE)
I used the modern word in this case to avoid confusion but I thought it was a sweet gift for Hermes to make.

A stadion is a unit of length, based on the circumference of a typical sports stadium in ancient Greece. A stadion equals roughly 180 m / 200 yards.

In ancient Greek wrestling, you needed three points to win but Hermes' sacred number is four 😉